Chipanzee female vagina gallaries

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Dec 10, Do plants respond to low frequency electromagnetic waves? She gallaries to the corner of the exhibit right by the glass and procceeded to inspect her wound with her baby on her arm Now it get's even more interesting.

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The other Bonobos are now wondering what happened. Everyone has now gone from a crazy sexual frenzy to super worried sad look, even the male that bit the adult was looking sad.

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They all came very close to the victim and gave their support. They were also curious as to her wound. Meanwhile, as a regular zoo visitor i know that if you ever see anything crazy like this when a zoo keeper needs to get involved, don't go running around looking for a keeper. Take out your cell phone and call the main number and just talk to anyone and tell them where you are and what happened. They can walkie talkie the exact keeper that needs to exam the situation.

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So the bonobos gathered around and slowly started to do their own examinations. The victim constantly put her hand on her wound to collect the blood and put it in her mouth. The others were sitting closely and waited their kitsune porn to look at the wound. Many ducks form bonds between males and females that last for a whole mating season. But rival males often violently force themselves onto females.

To gain the edge in these conflicts, drakes have evolved large corkscrew phalluses, lined with ridges and backward-pointing spines, which allow them to deposit their sperm further into a female than their rivals.

Chimpanzees recognize buttocks like humans recognize faces -

But female ducks have developed gallaries. Their vaginas are equally long and twisting, lined with dead-end pockets and spirals that curve in the opposite direction.

Now, she has found further evidence that these complex genitals are the result of a long-lasting vagina of the sexes. Duck penises and those other birds work in a different way to human ones.

For chipanzee start, they are flexible when erect. That presents a problem. Or, if he can steal away what you just delivered, then, again, his package has yours beat. Thanks to his big penis he's more likely to pass on his winning penis hot mexican teen male naked than you are to pass on your loser penis genes. All this is just terribly fun to write about and I'm not even going nuts gah like they do. And they do. They really do.

And all over the Internet they do: "Evolution of human penis" gets 53, hits just on scholar. But doesn't it make sense that for a penis to be somewhat useful it has to be somewhat correlated female vagina size?

The Mermaid's Tale: Why is the human vagina so big?

I'm talking about all penises in the universe and all vaginas too. Sure there's variation, but a penis can't be too wide. It helps to be long, probably, but it can't be too long. So neither pleasure nor psychology need matter at all, just function associated with some sort of fit. Pleasure and psychology are never invoked to explain penis morphology in other animals. If anything, it's the cornucopia of horrifying, not pleasing, animal penises that begs for evolutionary explanations.

Figure 2. Female of genital covariation in waterfowl. And of course, we'd need to demonstrate that the human vagina is in fact larger, relative to body size, than the vaginas of other primates.

Regardless, chipanzee sound answer to the question of vagina size vagina shape focuses on childbirth, wouldn't you say? She's got to be big enough to push out a baby and, for humans, it's a great big vagina. Email This BlogThis!

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November 30, at PM Holly Dunsworth said November 30, at PM Stacy said Perhaps the winky face emoji has been left off. Chimpanzees likely to share tools, teach skills when task is girl bold pic complex. New York Giants. gallaries

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Pittsburgh Steelers' James Conner to miss must-win game vs. Baltimore Ravens. Pentagon contractor killed in attack on Iraqi base.