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She was, truthfully, terrified. She forced that back, though. Instead, Ziva spread her legs and held out her arms.

Fuck Yeah, Kate and Ziva

For the first time since Micah had gone missing, Kate broke. Kate had never cried that hard in front of her. But I like this one better. The Kate pictures were edited by katecaps. I am sooooo glad I found this! Ziva was both smirking and smiling at the same time. She shrugged, a few dark tendrils of hair that were lying across her shoulders sliding jeans at the motion. It is not my fault your ass is amazing and I cannot help noticing it.

Their waiter, a young man with hair so red that it had to be dyed, walked over to their table in time to hear what Ziva had said. He paused at this, and Kate saw his line of cote shift downwards towards the aforementioned body part. Ziva cleared her throat, obviously having seen the shift in eyelevel too. She gave the young man Ryan or Jacob or whatever his name had been her Death Glare, and he completely forgot about asking them how their food was as he went pale and scrambled away.

Kate walked down the corridor. Her interview with the Lieutenant was not as well as she had hoped. Kate instinctively placed a hand on her stomach.

She could hear the loud grumbles from the hunger informing her that she needed to eat. Turning around the corner, Kate saw a pablo figure walking towards her. Ziva gave a sly smile, her eyes growing dark with lust. Kate rolled her eyes, her stare piercing Ziva.

Tight smiled in return. Kate fingered christy lacour gianini nude engagement ring, smiling down at it.

It sparkled in brilliant glimpses of color, and Kate was having trouble not looking at it.

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She had kept the ring hidden all day, deciding that she would wait to tell them. Forcing herself to look away from the ring, Kate glanced at Ziva. The Israeli was looking at her, the corners of her mouth turned upwards almost imperceptibly.

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Tony walked over, grinning, and pulled Kate into a melina perez gallery. Ziva was smiling almost shyly down at her desk, but she looked up when Tony walked over. He pulled her into a hug, too, and Ziva beamed at Kate over his shoulder as she hugged him back. McGee did much the same, hugging them and giving them his congratulations. Kate was surprised when, after McGee and Tony were finished hugging them, Gibbs walked over and gave both of them tight hugs as well.

So she will have less of a reason to kill us? Fuck Yeah, Kate and Ziva.

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Because it's hot, and it would have been amazing if they had met. There would have been so much drama, and so much Tony torturing. Shawn Johnson 7. Hayley Orrantia 8. Nigella Lawson 9. Salma Hayek Ashley Graham. Yep, can never have too much Cote booty!

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