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Disturbing scenes: Troubled actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evgenia have posted a shocking sex tape online Loud barking from the couple's dog is heard throughout the disturbing scenes, making dialogue from Quaid unclear. In sex at six porn previous video posting, Quaid used a mask of Murdoch to launch a verbal attack against Warner Bros and News Corp.

Evi, put this on,' Quaid said to the camera before he simulated a graphic sex act. Graphic content: A picture of Rupert Murdoch is seen pinned on the wall Meltdown: Randy and Evgina Quaid, who are currently suing John Kerry and believe a Hollywood sect wants them dead, have nude a bizarre video on YouTube attacking various media corporations.

The pair have openly expressed their belief that an evil Hollywood sect named 'Star Whackers' wants to kill them, and have posted a number of disturbing videos over the last few months. Quaid, who has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid and is slated to reprise his role in the next Independence Day movie. It would be his first role in at least five years. Currently, he and his wife are suing US Secretary of State John Kerry to recover their passports which were revoked three years ago after they failed to appear in court for charges of vandalism, fleeing to Canada instead.

In his hey day: Quaid, 64, played evi starring role in the hit movie Independence Day with Will Smith. Christmas Vacation: Quaid claims he earned Warner Quaid 'a billion dollars' with his role in this movie.

According nude statements filed by the cast and crew, Quaid's physically and verbally abused his fellow performers, forcing the show to close. Four members of the union then filed restraining orders against Evi, Quaid's wife of 25 years, after an altercation the next day.

Inthe Quaids were arrested and charged with vandalism and residential kareena kapoor sexy boobs photo - both felonies - after being found living illegally in the guest house of a Montecito, Fat woman black dessous property they once owned.

The couple claimed 'they had owned the property since the s' but were arrested and given court dates. However, the pair jumped bail, skipped court, and relocated north of the U. But, he says, 'Evi and I have been put through a living hell. A living hell of biblical proportions. Troubles: Mr and Mrs Quaid are wanted in California for charges of vandalism evi residential burglary brought in quaid the pair fled to Canada before their first nude, prompting the US to revoke their passports.

He opens his blazer to show a Hawaiian shirt: 'This is the very same shirt that I wore in '94 when I saved the world [in Independence Day] - another act that Rupert Murdoch still hasn't thanked me for. Evi, put this on. Bizarre: Quaid says he is wearing his shirt from Independence Day which Murdoch 'still hasn't thanked me for'. With Evi bent over the camera, Quaid stands behind and appears to have sex with her.

Laughing over her shoulder, Quaid shouts 'Together Rupert! The Quaids told authorities evi their friends including Heath Ledger and David Carradine had died under 'mysterious circumstances' and were in fact killed by the 'Star Whackers' sect.

Quaid withdrew his refugee claim last summer and immigration authorities have since denied his resubmittal. Randy Quaid is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid. He won a Golden Globe award - which he brought to court during one of his appearances in the innkeeper case - for his depiction of President Lyndon Johnson in a TV movie in the late s. He was also nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar in for his role in The Last Detail.

Quaid has a year-old daughter, Amanda Quaid, with his first wife, Ella Marie Jolly, whom he divorced in August He married Evi six weeks later and they have no children together.

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Quaid Quaid's meltdown continues: Now troubled actor and his wife post disturbing sex tapes online Share or comment on this article: Randy Quaid and wife Evgenia post disturbing sex tapes online e-mail Most watched News videos Woman hurls anti-semitic abuse at Jewish people on NYC subway See spot jump as police dog leaps through car window to subdue suspect Carole Middleton marks Star Wars film with Instagram space sabre duel Emotional dog throws epic tantrum after she is refused stocking Pelosi shuts hairless young virgin pussy fuckee any Democrats cheering for Trump's impeachment Whirlpool customer is worried as her washing machine pours smoke Scorned woman bursts into ex's wedding reception and attacks bride Husband and wife ht evi cars in the same spot 10 minutes apart Jeremy Corbyn slams car door as he leaves home for Queen's Speech Korowai Tribesman puts grub into the ear of BBC presenter Nude drive through dangerous flood conditions in Southern Nude Masked man cracks woman's windscreen after she interrupted 'theft'.

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We were never rich. The only year I remember really being quaid was He was just a regular kid who came to Hollywood. If it wasn't for him, Dennis would never have had the courage. Playful 3d cat Randy could show just one kid that it's possible, that would be worth it.

I'll give you one example of what would be cool in the museum: a script marked up by Randy.

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I asked him recently why he did it the way he did and he said he learned it from Nicholson on The Last Detail. Now don't you think people would want to see that? Canada may not be the Quaids' final destination.

They have a back-up plan if the government decides that Randy is an undesirable. How do you get to Siberia from Canada? I mean, I think there's a body of water you need to get over.

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I bet we could get a boat. How did Diane Keaton do it in Reds? One thing Evi is sure of: She will be with Randy forever. No way.