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Zasa may have been meant to reflect real-life gangster John Gotti, also known for casting a zaza figura," as Zasa describes his nature. He also may be based partially on Joseph Colombo, who as a Mafia Don campaigned saying there is no such zaza as the Mafia. Zasa was part of a plot to have Michael murdered during a meeting with all the various Dons jasmine byrne licking ass Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Michael escaped, but nearly every other Don attending the meeting was killed, the others that survived made deals with Zasa. Zasa was assassinated days later by Vincent 'Vinnie' Mancini-Corleone shot twice in the back during the 4th of July. Vincent and Joey had a past as Vincent was a former employee of Fuck who came to despise him, claiming him fuck be two-faced and had cursed toward Michael behind his back. A famous scene at the beginning of this movie occurs in Michael's office, as Michael wants to end a dispute between Zasa and Vincent.

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Vincent says he plans on killing Zasa causing Michael to ask why should I care. Vincent then fuck he should care because Zasa said, "Fuck Michael Corelone. Michael then says, "If there's a guy going around saying 'Fuck Michael Corleone,' what are we gonna do with a piece of shit like that? He's a fucking dog. When Zasa goes to hug Vincent, he whispers "Bastarde" in Vincent's ear.

Vincent then bites Zasa's ear and their feud continues until he kills Zasa. zaza

Biography of Joe Mantegna's Joey Zaza (well, Mario Puzo's Joey Zaza)

Mantegna would later mirror the tone and mannerisms of Joey Zasa's character in his portrayal of mob boss Fat Tony on The Simpsons. Jump to. The world contains no shortage of tall oafs who can be taught to find good places to stand still on an NBA court for a living, so that players of actual basketball skill can move around them. Maybe just get rid of this one before he destroys the career of somebody who can actually play. The A.


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