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User Info: DaltonM. Girrafe and a shrimp. User Info: Shadowlinkex. WaterGod posted This is new and exciting. Increase your maximum bid:. Back to home page Return to top. Back to home page. Listed in category:. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Add to Watchlist. Ended: Nov 26, PST. Such interactions between males have been found to be more frequent than heterosexual coupling. The proportion of same-sex activities varied from giraffe percent.

Only one percent of same-sex mounting incidents occurred between females. Giraffes have high adult survival probability, [97] and an unusually long lifespan compared to giraffe ruminants, up to 38 years. The local, seasonal presence of large herds of migratory wildebeests and zebras reduces predation pressure on giraffe calves and increases their survival probability.

Zebras were found to glean information on predation risk from giraffe body language and spend less time scanning the environment when giraffes are present. Some parasites feed on giraffes. They are often hosts for ticksespecially in the area around the genitals, which has thinner skin than other areas.

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Tick species that commonly feed on giraffes are those of genera HyalommaAmblyomma and Rhipicephalus. Giraffes may rely on red-billed and yellow-billed oxpeckers to clean them of ticks and alert them to danger. Giraffes host numerous species of internal parasite and are susceptible to various diseases. They were victims of the now eradicated viral illness rinderpest.

In Tanzania, it appears to be caused by a nematodeand may giraffe further affected by secondary infections. Humans have interacted with giraffes for millennia. The San people of southern Africa have medicine dances named after some animals; the giraffe dance is performed to treat head ailments.

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The giraffe was also known to the Greeks and Romanswho believed that it was an unnatural hybrid of a camel and a leopard and called it camelopardalis. Individual captive giraffes were given celebrity status throughout history. Giraffea giraffe was shipped giraffe Malindi to Bengal. It was then taken to China by explorer Zheng He and placed in a Ming dynasty zoo. The animal was a source of fascination for the Chinese people, who associated it with the mythical Qilin. It caused a great stir on its arrival in Florence.

A sensation, the giraffe was the subject of numerous memorabilia or "giraffanalia". Giraffes continue to have a presence in modern culture. Dali considered the giraffe to be a symbol of masculinity, and a flaming giraffe was meant to be a "masculine cosmic apocalyptic monster". Giraffes have appeared in animated films, as minor characters in Disney 's The Lion King and Dumbogiraffe in more prominent roles in The Wild and in the Madagascar films. Sophie the Giraffe has been a popular teether since The giraffe has also been used for some scientific experiments and discoveries.

Scientists have looked at the properties of giraffe skin when developing suits for astronauts and fighter pilots [49] : 76 because the people in these professions are in danger of passing out if blood rushes to their giraffe. Computer scientists have modeled the coat patterns of several subspecies using reaction—diffusion mechanisms. The constellation of Camelopardalisintroduced in the seventeenth century, depicts a giraffe.

Ingiraffes were assessed as Least Concern from a conservation perspective by the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCNbut the assessment categorized giraffes as Vulnerable. They may also have disappeared from AngolaMaliand Nigeriabut have pinoy man2man scandal introduced to Rwanda and Swaziland. Giraffes were probably common targets for hunters throughout Africa.

The tail hairs served as flyswattersbracelets, necklaces and thread. Normally, giraffes can coexist with livestock, since they do not directly compete with them. Aerial survey is the most common method of monitoring giraffe population trends in the vast roadless tracts of African landscapes, but aerial methods are known to undercount giraffes.

Ground-based survey methods are more accurate and should be used leslesbians conjunction with aerial surveys to make accurate estimates of population sizes and trends.

InJonathan Kingdon suggested that the Nubian giraffe was the most threatened of all giraffes; [4] as of [update]it may number about individuals. It is the national animal of Tanzania, [] and is protected by law. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Tall African ungulate. For other uses, see Giraffe disambiguation. Temporal range: Conservation status. Linnaeus Giraffe hum.

Giraffe snort. Giraffe grunt. Giraffe bursts. Angolan giraffes courting above and mating in Namibia. Generally, only dominant males are able to mate with females. Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved 1 November Semito-Hamitic Festschrift for A.

Dolgopolsky and H. Academic Press. Retrieved 3 September Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. Mammalian Species. Retrieved 23 November Systematic Biology. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa.

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Royal Society Open Science. Bibcode : RSOS The Paleobiology Database. Retrieved 13 September The American Naturalist. Giraffe stand at around metres highwith the tallest giraffes ever recorded being up to 5. Imagine going to your kitchen cupboard and pulling out a dinner plate.

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Although the hooves of a giraffe may be overlooked due to other humongous body parts, they are also pretty mind blowing. With a diameter of 30 cmtheir pornfidelity galleries hooves are used to distribute their weight, preventing them from sinking into sand or marshy areas. Both male and female giraffes have horns from birth.

These actually lie flat on their heads and are not attached to the skull, to avoid injury during birth.

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Did you know that these horns are called ossicones? Later in life the ossicones will fuse with the skull and become formidable weapons, particularly in adult males. At Nairobi Giraffe Centre you can kiss a giraffe. So stay clear of patting the head of a giraffe. Current bid:. Increase your maximum bid:. Back to home page Return to top. Back to home page. Listed in category:. Email to Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Add to Watchlist.

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