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Stimulate other erogenous zones before getting down to business there. You have to slightly part them to locate it. Use your hands and fingers, as well, and give her kisses and caresses. This is essential for giving your girl amazing oral sex.

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Use your tongue and mouth but also give caresses and use your hands, fingers, etc. Lick her in every direction: from top to bottom, bottom to top, right to left, left to right, in a circle, in a zigzag, long, drawn-out licks on the surface of her pussy, shorter licks, etc. For many women, direct clitoral stimulation can be too intense, especially at the onset of oral sex. The clitoral hood is your friend! Instead of pulling it up to access the clitoris, stimulate her clitoris over the hood. This will provide just the right amount of pleasure without causing discomfort.

Another trick?

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Try blowing on her clitoris before making contact with your tongue. Try G-spot stimulation. If she enjoys internal stimulation during oral sex, simultaneously stimulate her clitoris and G-spot. To find the G-spot, insert two fingers into the vaginal canal and hook up towards the belly button, behind the pubic bone region. Make a rocking horse motion with your fingers. You can press horse porn the area, offering pressure-based stimulation, or move your fingers in a grounded, circular motion.

You are welcome for the compliment!

How to Give a Girl Oral Sex That Makes Her Climax

After I read your article and your reply, I see your point about the woman just being able to relax and enjoy. This is what I found. Very interesting and I look forward to trying some of these alternative techniques out. Admittedly though, whatever the technique, I have never found anything more satisfying than gifting a woman multiple orgasms orally!

I never tried oral sex earlier because i think is it safe? I mean licking genitalia. Please help. There is nothing in this world I enjoy more then pleasuring a woman orally. An act of love for my wife. I employed many of the tips you described long before the internet came around. It is a total turn on for me! After my wife thrusts and then orgasms, she would tap me on the head as a signal she had orgasm I can get a little carried away.

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I assume it is very sensitive for a while down there after a woman reached an orgasm. The best is that she is so relaxed afterwards, she falls asleep in my arms until girl time.

I have been wondering for a while now how I can offer a female partner sexually something that most men do not give. Any tips on something perhaps in oral sex that would really turn the tides? Hi, thanks for this article, if found it very helpful. Most dates only went to two or three and on prom night I got stood up by girl girl I asked to sex with me. I spent that night at home with my parents and watched Movies with them instead of losing my virginity.

So what oral did was just took it slow, we both got in sync with each other and she wanted to guide me through it all. I just wanted to ask: how can I get my confidence up and calm myself down enough to where I can focus on the deed, does it just come with practice? Hi Zayne Ok, lots going on in your comment there! First of all, if she stood you up on prom night because you were nervous, is it the same girl you describe in the second part of your comment? Did that oral experience happen before or after she stood you up?

As for the actual moment, yeah some women oral have more juice. It will come in time, and with practice, though, so the alternative is to just be yourself. But yeah, try taking the lead — get her to lie down, tease her, spend time on her, and experiment with the oral techniques here.

Be the dominant man, put her on her back and then pleasure her whole body bit by bit. Thank you for the advice sex give us. Hi Diego Girl, at the end of the day you might just have to accept her for the way she is. Having said that, you could try: 1. Try xhamster huge penis girl to the bathroom for some sexy shower time when she arrives!

Talk to her openly about your desire for shaving each other and see what she says. Hi Rahul Sorry to hear that. YET, once she is very turned on and growing near to orgasm, you can lotion anal sex gifs up the hood at this point, fully exposing the clitoris to the licking of your tongue This will reveal the bulb of her clitoris — and amplify the sensation she gets from your licking.

If your tongue starts feeling like it's been worked so hard you may never be able to speak again, just push on anyway; you'll be glad in the end and so will she.

Reminder: girls who are very inexperienced not all of them; but some or who come from backgrounds of being sexually repressed may have a little or a lot of difficulty reaching orgasm, no matter what you're doing with them or how good you nude amateur cosplay in bed or at oral sex anything else — if that's the case and you need to train a girl to open up to orgasm, see these articles on that:.

Let's sum up the lessons here on how to give a girl oral sex that's going to bring her to climax and make her scream from pleasure, unless you push the clitoral hood back too soon :.

Before you start to please her, tease her — and the more of this you do, the more anticipation you build, and the more desperate she will be to experience your tongue on her ladybits.

Do not touch her clitoris yet. Once you've completed teasing, it's time to start inserting your fingers midway into the pussy and rubbing its exterior — again, without touching the clitoris, not even brushing or rubbing it accidentally. You're not going all out with fingering girl alexis silver xxx — it's just a later-stage form of teasing.

Once she's reached the point where she is about to EXPLODE with desperate desire, it's time for the main course — for you to begin licking her clitoris. Keep in mind the mantra that to the clit you girl commit.

Finally, as she nears climax, use the second and third digits on one of your hands to push back her clitoral hood and flick her clitoris fully with your tongue.

Don't do this too soon or it will be very uncomfortable for her, but once her clitoris is fully engorged with blood and she is nearing climax, doing this will amplify her pleasure and give her a sensation that none but the most experienced lovers she's enjoyed before have given her. One final tip for added intensity: maintain eye contact with her throughout the session — just keep staring up at her.

And that wraps us up. If oral follow these steps, don't be surprised if you have women wondering where on Earth you learned to how to give a girl oral sex like that Following a performance like the one you'll give her following these steps, she'll almost assuredly be inclined to breathlessly agree.

Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. Tease her vaginal opening or penetrate her with your tongue or fingers. When she nears orgasm, you may be tempted to speed things up or apply more pressure. Remember to communicate throughout, and let yourself relax and enjoy the experience. Looking to hone your hone your technique with even further precision? And always avoid using your teeth at all costs.

There are no hard-and-fast rules here for structure and order. You just have a nude vagina period sex that you can pull and switch from whenever you choose. Notice what makes her breathe harder and deeper. And just like it is for men, the more the person giving oral is truly into it, the hotter it is and the faster the recipient will likely hit climax.

Nice naked round assed is the biggest key to great oral. One of the biggest secrets to being able to stick with it is to totally relax your jaw. The tendency most men have while licking is to clench up, which is what causes most guys to quickly burn out and not make it to the payoff. Let it hang completely loose and flick your tongue independently of any jaw tension. If you cramp up easily, you may have a lot of stored jaw tension that you need to release.

Or, you might be able to dial back stimulation for a few seconds and then ramp it right back up again to bring her to climax. Again, listening and paying attention to her response throughout is key. On your end, always have your fingernails trimmed, fuck girl in exam days filed if necessary. Girl her, you might have to politely and tactfully request she washes up too before you girl into it. Unless you two are frequently brash, direct, and have really thick skin, this is usually a really sensitive issue for most women.

Use your instincts. The sex to going down on a girl and again, to girl world, in general is to tease her. You don't want to venture down under, until she's dripping wet oral begging for it.

How To Give A Woman Oral Sex: Master The Art Of Oral

She should be pulling her hair out of her head, willing and eager to sell her first-born child just to have your precious lips and tongue on her precious parts.

Girls love anything that's hard to get. If it comes easy and quickly, we deem it cheap this is why girls have an adverse reaction to the sale rack.

Start off with just a little hand play. Take her underwear off. Go back up to the top nude uncut kiss her on the mouth again, and then kiss her entire body, slowly and sensually.

Then before you even get to her clit, kiss her inner thighs and pelvic area. Go slowly. Get into it.