Girls showing their vaginas

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I see this as the same thing. For more news and reporting on cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures targeted at women's vaginas, visit our YourVaginasFine microsite. In terms of gender equality across. I like to stand on a particular beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, as often as I can.

Won't somebody please think of the vaginas?!

Members of the Royal Family rarely give in-depth television interviews. In August, year-old Thomas Griffiths pleaded guilty to murdering his year-old ex-girlfriend, Ellie Gould, in her Wiltshire home. Her mother, Carole G. Inlabiaplasty was the second-fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the US after breast enlargement, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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That figure has been relatively steady over the past decade at least, and some of those surgeries relate to injury, recurrent disease, or infection, according to the NHS. I was lucky to have had the anaesthetic as there were girls who had no medical assistance during theirs. I will never know what it is like to carry a child - all of that was taken away just to prove I would be a virgin.

But as a woman who had FGM, do I have a nice sex life?

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Yes I do. One woman, who grew up in Ireland, says she was raped aged seven but felt she couldn't speak up. So, in no particular order, here are some of the things that women put in their vaginas, even though they are told not to Last year we found out that women have been putting cucumbers in their vaginas.

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Aptly named the cucumber cleanse, the process involves the outer skin of a cucumber being removed and then the remainder of the naked cucumber being inserted into the vagina. It's then twisted around for 20 minutes.

The guidelines state to do it until it's warm. A Canadian doctor has now spoken out against this cleanse and is urging women to step away from the cucumbers.

Dr Jen says she's 'screaming' the message that vaginas are not dirty and therefore don't need to be cleaned. So, basically, save your cucumbers for your gin. Last year, a warning was issued to women to not put yogurt in or near their vaginas.

Apparently, some gals have been soaking tampons in yogurt and inserting them. The reason?

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They are using the dairy product in a bid to cure thrush. You see yogurt contains lactobacilli, and while lactobacilli is a bacteria that is good for your vagina and helps to treat thrush, the one found in yogurt is a different strain.

It's been somewhat of a myth for years now, with women believing that if they use natural sugarfree yogurt that their thrush would go away.