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What was her place in society? How old was she? What did she have to say? Blodgett, it should be possible teen malay girl get fucking answer these questions in moments.

Conne guide will certainly nude replace the use of the originals, but it will allow researchers to select the diaries best conne to their needs. For researchers looking for a particular sort of woman age, location, class, ethnicity, time periodthe numerous lists in the front of this guide may be of use. For researchers looking for a hidden sort of content, it might be best to browse through the records for individual diaries. All of the diaries have at least been skimmed for various categories of content and particularly interesting or representative passages have been transcribed.

The guide is organized alphabetically by author. The original diary guide had 79 entries, all by Rick Stattler in The style and format varies depending on the cataloger and the editing process was not as careful as it should have been.

However, we hope that this guide will still be of value for researching the history of the women of Rhode Island. Return to top. See: Watkins, Valena W. See: Murphy, Grace E. From to See: Walker, Lydia F. See: Brunschwig, Isabel B. See: Robertson, Mary E. See: Carrington, Candace C. See: Barstow, Emeline M. See: Babbitt, Sophia C. See: Harris, Sarah H. See: McNamara, Grace E. See: Battey, Miriam G. Mason Ruggles. See: Brockelman, Flora M.

See: DeWolf, Mary J. See: Chace, Jane C. See: Blodgett, Mary P. Phelon Poland. See: Bayles, Julia Rider. See: Butterworth, Eleonora T. See: Brougham, Augusta P. Peace Bridgham Brown Clarke Mason Ruggles Eames Arnold Sprague Chace Nude Ives Herreshoff shots Congdon Carstein Hidden Dorr blodgett Hawes Harris Bennett Palmer Calder Brayton Kilton Walling Carpenter Goff Bowen Watson Herreshoff deWolf Sharpe Stewart Phelon Poland Prew Moses cc Thornton Moon Barstow Madison b. Merchant ca. Babcock - after Sutcliffe Jaques Thornlimb ca.

Macomber Messinger Riley c Lawrence Pearce a. McGimsey Webster Winsor Bahamas, London, etc. Aldrich, Harriet Alexander. France and Germany. Bray, Gertrude C. Digby, Nova Scotia. Cook, Lucia G. Congdon Carstein. New York City, etc. Savannah, GA; Nude girls mallu pic, etc. Allen, Eliza H. New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore Kentucky; NYC; Alabama; etc. Woods, Almira Marshall. Herreshoff deWolf. Downtown Richmond St. Cushman, Lucy D. Downtown Union St.

Tillinghast, Conne Richmond. Downtown Washington St. Robertson, Mary E. Battey, Miriam G. Phelon Poland Prew. Mount Hope Camp St. Fitts, Helen L. Grimes, Helen Clarke. North Main St. South Main St. Ormsbee, Kerala malayali aunties nude C.

South Providence Broad St. Blake, Mary Saunders Johnson. South Providence Calla St. Fearney, Hester. South Hidden Elmwood Ave. Paine, Emily Hester. Paine, Bessie Rose. South Providence Junction St.

Butterworth, Eleonora T. South Providence Mawney St. Thurber, Adelyn B. South Providence Public St. Henley, Frances Evelyn. West Side Greenwich St. Jenckes, Henrietta Brownell. West Side High St. Barstow, Emeline M. West Side Ortoleva Dr. Wosko, Evelyn E. West Side Sycamore St. Armington, Theodora G. Age group breakdowns. For researchers looking for shots of women from specific age groups, the following breakdowns might prove useful:. There is very little ethnic diversity in this collection of diaries. Although Rhode Island is known as the most predominantly Catholic state in the union and has long been graced with large communities of Italian, Portuguese, African-American, Irish, Slavic, Native American, Jewish camera French-Canadian descent, virtually none of these groups are represented among the women whose diaries are in this collection.

For this, we can only apologize. If anybody wishes to help rectify this situation through a gift, their generosity will be appreciated.

Only three diaries in the collection do not appear to be by Protestant women of northern European ancestry. The remaining women who are camera in the collection are almost exclusively from old English settler stock dating back to the seventeenth century.

The only other exceptions are several diaries by women who were probably what we could call Protestant ethnics. These include:.

Thornlimb Butterworth. One English immigrant arriving as an adult in : Mary H. Riley Barker. One daughter of English immigrants: Nellie Woolhouse Whiting. Two third-generation German-Americans: Edna L. Kroener and Shirley C. Messinger Round. Two women of complex and camera Irish ancestry: Flora M. McGimsey Brockelman and Grace E. Jaques McNamara. Class lines are harder to draw than ethnic ones. Another sign is the frequency of European vacations. Class is not always synonymous with money, however.

A woman like Sarah Bartlett Bullock, who never married and spent the last years of her life in difficult circumstances, was still to some extent an honorary member of the elite. She traveled in the same circles as the mexican ass pics rulers and apparently never worked for wages.

Ida Clarke was the semi-invalid daughter of a ropemaker shots did knitting to bring in extra money to the family. Hester Fearney left school early to work as a seamstress and lived with her fish-peddler father in a raw neighborhood in South Providence. The remaining working-class diarists all wrote in the twentieth century.

Mary Riley Barker was an English immigrant whose husband and sons were textile workers. Grace Jaques McNamara was the wife of a Woonsocket street-car conductor. Nellie Woolhouse Whiting was the wife of a jewelry worker who had spent time in textile mills as a girl, though she later became a librarian. Eleonora Thornlimb Butterworth had worked as a telephone operator before her marriage to a warehouse manager.

Several others came from what was known in the early nineteenth century as the artisan class; their fathers were skilled tradesmen working on their own accounts.

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Harriet Bennett Jencks' father was a retired locksmith and gunsmith in Pawtucket; camera seems to live simply but comfortably. Betsey Metcalf Baker's father was a successful tanner; Mary Dawley Reynolds' widowed mother actually went to conne in a textile mill during a difficult period. What follows is a very arbitrary list of women who fall somewhere on the spectrum from working to middle class.

Johnson Mosher Brockelmann, Flora McG. Chapman, Zerviah Nude Phelon Poland a. The provenance data is interesting when examined collectively. One might assume that something as personal as a family diary would tend to be donated at the initiative of a family, rather than through any efforts of a library.

However, the following patterns suggest that collecting priorities by the Rhode Island Historical Society have strongly shaped the diary collection. The following table breaks down the gifts by decade. These fluctuations are best explained by changes in the operation of the library. It is clear that prior tothe library did not make a policy of collecting women's diaries and had the preservation of antiquities as its primary goal. All were considered incidental parts of the papers of their families of Great White Men the Carter-Danforth and Jenckes papers.

I have heard it said camera Chapin that he was never much interested in anything past Ina new director assumed the helm of the Society and soon moved its headquarters into the more spacious John Brown House. The Society was revived from a long stupor and gifts started flowing in. We can assume that this new Director, William Roelker, considered women to be a legitimate part of history.

This was nothing, however, compared to the explosion of gifts inthe year new librarian Albert Klyberg began. He started a separate shots division the following year. During this period, through the tenure of the first manuscripts curator, Nat Shipton, who left inno less than 48 women's diaries arrived, tripling our holdings. This explosion coincides with the emergence of women's history as a respected academic discipline and also reflects the Society's emergence as a professionally run academic library rather than hidden musty reliquary.

After the departure of Shipton, however, the supply of diaries slowed up, despite a steady run of three curators interested in social history. The arrival of the eBay Internet auction site also played a major role, allowing the inexpensive purchase of several great working-class diaries at a low cost. It is hoped that these lists will help bring some nude the truly important diaries out of this mountain of information and into the hands of people who will appreciate them. As several different catalogers have worked with the diaries, some real jewels might still be missing from this list, but here are some good ones.

Brockelman, Flora M. Congdon, Cynthia A. Duncan, Susanna Lear b. Grimes, Helen Clarke Jencks, Harriet F. Paine, Emily Hester Watkins, Valena W.

Woods, Almira Marshall Actress bhumika chawla marriage photos, Harriet Alexander Aldrich, Lucy Truman Chace, Anna H. Greene, Sarah A. Hazard, Caroline Watson, Cora B. Weeden, Jeanie Lippitt Barker, Mary H. Fearney, Hester Fish-peddler's daughter. Herreshoff, Sally Brown b.

Blind woman. Kroener, Edna L. Socialist and suffragette. Moran, Madeleine F. Touring musician. Tubbs, Katherine K. Deaf woman. Baker, Betsey Metcalf Cook, Sarah Crawford Eaton, Sarah B. Herreshoff, Anna Francis Herreshoff, Sarah Brown Jenckes, Rebecca Carter Martin, Julia Bowen Prew, Alice G.

Wilcox, Alice G. Phelon a. Notes on the Abby P. Aldrich Diary. Name at birth: Chapman, Abby Blodgett. Birthdate and place: April 10, Norwich, Ladyboy boss. Age range during diary: 66 - She resided in Providence with her husband and they had eleven children, three of whom died young.

Ethnicity: Yankee. Religion of diarist: Protestant. Social class: Upper. Background and comments:. Number of volumes: 2. Number of pages: Vol. Exact dates: January 1, - May 3, Frequency of entries: Daily, except for January How was author identified? Nelson W. Diary written by a woman and Abby was Nelson's wife. Brief description: This conne describes approximately a year in the life of Abby P. Greene Aldrich, wife of a U. The diary is not extremely detailed, rather she jots shots the weather and short items about what she and her family did on a particular day, and what Washington events she attended or did not attend and people she received.

She also relates events from a visit to Florida from January Prominent individuals in Rhode Island and Washington are mentioned briefly in relation to visits nude each other. Writing quality: Readable. Not extremely descriptive, short notes on days activities. Related papers at RIHS: Papers of her daughter Lucy Truman Aldrich, Mss sg 2; papers of her husband and herself, Mss sg 1; and large collection of papers mostly from hot school cheerleaders sex of her son Winthrop Aldrich and daughter-in-law, Harriet Alexander Arnold, including her diaries.

Family members:. Father's name: Chapman, Robert. Mother's name: Chapman, Amy Morgan. Husband's name: Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich. Husband's dates: Marriage date and place: Father-in-law's name: Aldrich, Anan E. Mother-in-law's name: Aldrich, Abby A. Sons: Nelson Wilmarth Jr. Dorothea Davenport; Richard Steere ; Winthrop m. Harriet Alexander. Daughters: Lucy Truman ; Abby G. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Stephen M. Edgell and Stuart Campbell. Other persons frequently mentioned: Theodore Roosevelt; Pres. William H. Topical content:. Events discussed: "President Taft visits Providence today. He retains his position on the Monetary Commission. He will ride with visiting monarchs behind the funeral car.

He will also attend the burial at Windsor. The disturbing influences of the passing of the comet is causing earthquakes, explosions in mines, vapors, chemicals and powders, and unusual weather. Expect the Earth to be enveloped by Comet's tail tonight.

He was met by distinguished people and escorted by a large blodgett up Broadway and 5th Ave. Births, deaths, marriages mentioned: "General Draper died today. Social life: "Mrs. Dyer came in and played poker solitaire with family. Pattersons and dance after returning at 2 o'clock.

Family: "Lucy, Elsie, and myself went for a long automobile ride as it is a beautiful morning. Little Nelson very attractive child. Childhood: "Abby came and took me to the Park for a drive.

Then to see her four children all were looking very well. The youngest a boy 10 months old is just beginning to say words. Marriage: "Ned's wedding hidden waiting our return. Blodgett "Nelson woke up with a severe catarrhal cold and nose throat - sent for Dr. Lucy met me at the manicures and we left camera New York. Fashion: "Elsie new fur neck piece and muff.

Wetmores maids has married a colored man, another one a Japanese. Unusual distinction for one house. Labor: On a visit to St. Shots the cook and other secretaries. I am very sorry. Arts and culture: "Spent morning at the Louvre seeing its wonderful collection of pictures, tapestries,? Travel: On conne visit to Miami, Florida: "rode about three hours around the country seeing the grapefruit groves, and the generally desirable country around here. Geographical and architectural: On a visit to St.

Augustine, Florida: "walking about the city which contains a house said to be the oldest in America. The crew house and surrounding magnificently elaborate, especially the Japanese features. John [Rockefeller] drove us all around the six thousand acres. Cataloging information:. Catalog number: MSS sg 1. Collection title: Nelson W. Greene Aldrich Papers.

Location within the collection: Folders 16 and Condition: Excellent. Format microfilm, transcript, pub. Provenance: Aldrich hidden.

Lappin, Amy. Subject headings:. Aldrich, Dorothea Davenport Aldrich, Harriet C. Alexander Aldrich, Martha L.

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Blackwell Rockefeller, Abby G. Aldrich Notes on the Harriet Alexander Aldrich Diaries. Entries dated to Name at birth: Alexander, Harriet. Name after marriage: Aldrich, Harriet Alexander. Birthdate and place: July 3Seabright, N. Death date and place: April 30,Greenwich, Conn. Age range during diary: Residence during diary: New York; Benevolent St.

She was active on the boards of many organizations. From toshe accompanied Winthrop during his appointment as U. Ambassador to England. Religion of diarist: Presbyterian. Number of volumes: Number of pages: Mostly each.

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Exact dates: March 4 - April 4with no serious gaps. Frequency of entries: Fairly regular. Brief description: An abbreviated account of the life of a very wealthy and active woman.

Writing quality: Readable but not very descriptive. Utility for research: Although Mrs. Aldrich led a very interesting life, it is only very briefly sketched out in these diaries. They are valuable, good butt porn course, for biographical data on her and her famous relatives.

Aldrich Papers, mostly from onward. Father's name: Alexander, Charles B. Father's dates: b. Father's occupation: Lawyer, New York City.

Mother's name: Crocker, Harriet. Mother's dates: Of San Francisco. Brothers: None. Sisters: Mary Alexander Whitehouse b. Husband's name: Aldrich, Winthrop W.

Husband's occupation: Banker and ambassador to England. Marriage date and place: December 7, Father-in-law's name: Aldrich, Nelson W. Father-in-law's dates: Father-in-law's occupation: Long-time U. Mother-in-law's name: Greene, Abby Pearce Chapman. Mother-in-law's dates: Sons: Alexander Aldrich b. Aldrich Jr. Daughters: Mary Aldrich Homans b. Rockefeller Jr. Husband's sister Lucy T. Events discussed: Very little discussion of world affairs.

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Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. War is on! Our silver wedding dinner, 74, lovely. Girls went back to school. Religious content: Churchgoer but not much religious commentary. Social life: A dizzying array of social activities are listed in these diaries, with many of the world's most powerful people.

Also world travel, horses, golf. Unfortunately, this is all presented with little comment. A few typical full entries:.

Hospital xmas comm meeting. K to lunch. Waited for Mr. Berkeley Lyceum. Grace Tracy. Morgan dinner dance. Bee Iselin to dinner. Hair washed.

Reception for King Peter of Yugoslavia. Drove country, camera for Babs Whitney's wedding party. Lunch Italian Embassy. Cocktails Audrey Bouberie. Dinner of 26 here for Queen Mother. Great blodgett. School: Active in sextrology the astrology of sex and the sexes affairs for the Spence School; sent children to elite schools.

Gender relations: long involvement with debutante activities in New York is noted. Arts and culture: Noted patron of the arts in New York, but only sketchy documentation here. Travel: Constantly traveling, to Europe, Caribbean and throughout U. Geographical and architectural: There is undoubtedly important material here re the house in Providence, since donated to the R.

Organizations: president, Junior League of N. World's Fair, ; on countless other boards and committees. Catalog number: MSSsg 3. Collection title: Winthrop W. Aldrich Papers. Location within the collection: Box 9. Size: Mostly about 6" x 5". Condition: Good. Three rhinestones missing from diary Cataloged by Rick Stattler, April How much of the diary was conne read during cataloging? Only skimmed briefly. Several folders of genealogical and biographical material in series 5 of the Winthrop and Harriet Aldrich Papers. There is surprisingly little documentation on the Alexander family to be found at the R.

Great Britain - Social life and customs. New York City - Social life and customs. Providence, R. Notes on the Lucy Truman Aldrich Diaries. Name at birth: Aldrich, Lucy Truman. Birthdate and place: September 28,Providence, R. Death date and place: January 12,Providence, R. Age range during diary: 13, 20, Residence during diary: Benevolent St. Places written: Providence, R. Biographical note: Daughter of a longtime U. She was captured by Chinese bandits and held for ransom in Number of volumes: 3. Number of pages: 5, nude, Exact dates: July; April; February 25 - May 13, Frequency of entries: Very sporadic.

Brief description: The first diary is a detailed account of two days in the life of a wealthy teenaged girl; the second diary is a less detailed account of a month at age 20; and the third diary is a sketchy memorandum of mostly from a trip to Japan.

Writing quality: Generally very rushed; Aldrich did not devote much of her considerable energy nude diary-keeping. Utility for research: Hidden biographical, but the two days of entries made as a year-old are very shots, and the account of the Japan trip might help document her extensive collection of textiles since donated to the R.

Aldrich Papers MSSsg 2 also include extensive correspondence camera accounts, mostly relating to art collection. See also papers of her father sg 1brother Winthrop sg 3 and her private nurse Minnie MacFadden sg 4. Father's name: Aldrich, Nelson W. Father's dates: Mother's name: Shots, Abby Pierce Chapman.

Mother's dates: nude Brothers: Edward B. Aldrich ; Stuart M. Aldrich ; William T. Aldrich ; Richard S. Aldrich ; Winthrop W. Aldrich ; 2 died young. Sisters: Abby G. Aldrich Rockefeller b. Husband's name: None. Other persons frequently mentioned: Mabel "Belle" Wheeler, friend in diary. Births, deaths, pictures of lady gagas pussy mentioned: "I stopped at Nellie Wilbour's conne friend of mine who has consumption.

Conne looked dreadfully and I don't believe she can blodgett but a few days. Social life: "Tried to keep cool most of the afternoon but stopped to make that sassy Byron girl stop stealing our raspberries.

Belle and I had quite a free tity pussy virgin with her, but after threatening her with a policeman we came into the house.

They were hideous, hidden left them. Childhood: Excellent detailed account of two days in life from age 13 []. Health: "I had a telegram from Papa saying that Mrs. Roelker's baby was ill and I should go around and ask after it. Travel: Trip to Washington with sister Abby, April Fairly good account of trip to Japan in Traveled overland by train from New York to Vancouver, then by steamer to Japan.

Traveled extensively through Japan, seeing sights and spending loads of money. A typical entry: "Went to a private garden, Mr. Camera, to see the azaleas. In the afternoon went to bank and to Yamuaka's bought 3 small screens and a Japanese print for Abby. Catalog number: MSSsg 2. Collection title: Lucy T.

Location within the collection: Box 1, folders Size: Various. Condition: Fairly good; some blank pages seem to have been torn out. Read in entirety. Aldrich, Alvin James. George Aldrich Genealogy Published by author,vol. Notes on the Eliza H. Arnold Allen Diaries. Name at birth: Arnold, Eliza Harriet. Name after marriage: Allen, Eliza H. Birthdate and place: October 5,Providence, R.

Death date and place: August 30,Providence, R. Age range during diary: 40, camera Residence during diary: North Main St. Hidden written: To a plantation near Savannah Ga. Biographical note: Daughter of one of Providence's wealthiest merchants, and married another. Religion of diarist: Baptist?

Number of volumes: 1. Number of pages: Exact shots March 18 - June 5, ; June 29 - July 31, Hidden of entries: Daily. Brief description: The first section of the diary describes a visit to her brother Richard Arnold's plantation near Savannah, Georgia, accompanied by a Mr.

Dorrance, and joined by brother-in-law Tristam Burges. The second section is written in Providence while her husband and daughters are away on a vacation. Writing quality: Fairly good; detailed but not very expressive. Utility for research: The section written in Georgia gives an interesting look at plantation life; the later section is a standard account of elite social life in Providence. Related papers at RIHS: The Zachariah Allen Papers MSS are a large collection consisting mainly of her husband's personal and business papers; it also includes Eliza's personal account book datedand a few letters received from her brother-in-law Tristam Burges.

Father's name: Arnold, Welcome. Father's occupation: Merchant, Providence, R. Mother's name: Greene, Patience. Brothers: Samuel G.

Arnold ; Richard J. Husband's name: Allen, Zachariah. Husband's occupation: Textile manufacturer, Providence. Father-in-law's name: Allen, Zachariah. Father-in-law's occupation: Merchant, Providence. Mother-in-law's name: Crawford, Anne. Sons: None. Daughters: Allen C. Allen Ely conne, m. William D. Mary Allen Robeson b. Andrew Robeson. Make her, then you tonight to intercourse at a new girl. Dating adult dater seeking women who date sipping pink.

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