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Carly's cries sounded something like this:. Yeah, just like that OH GOD Carly couldn't contain it anymore, and, without warning, her hips bucked, and she squirted out her cum all over Freddie's face and neck. Freddie could taste Carly's warm, sweet pussy juices as he swallowed the ones that made their way to his mouth.

Carly sat up, and cleaned the rest of her own cum off of Freddie, licking and slurping up her own womanhood from areas on Freddie's face.

Carly and Freddie kissed each other, cleaning off any remnants of each other's cum, and when they were done, they grinned at each other and swallowed. I invited you over because I wanted company, and I didn't invite Sam, because I wanted it to be just us two. I was hoping for maybe a kiss, but nothing like this. But, when we were sitting on the couch, I realized that maybe tonight would be the night, so when I went to ex driver hentai bathroom during the movie, I actually took a condom from Spencer's room.

But, why did you ask if I planned all of this? Does that turn you off that you weren't exactly controlling what was happening? Carly broke away, took the condom out of the small plastic bag, and slid it down Freddie's cock.

Freddie then lied down on Carly's pillows, and, with a nervous but lustful smile, Carly slowly lowered her pussy onto Freddie's outstretched, protected cock. Freddie felt a barrier as Carly lowered herself onto him. Freddie pushed a little bit harder inside of Carly's hole, and he felt her hymen give way as he broke through it. Carly face twisted into a look that combined immense pain with immense pleasure. After a minute or so, she said, "I'm fine.

Now you can do whatever the fuck you want to ihave. Carly smiled and once again lowered herself onto Freddie's hard cock. She then raised herself up and lowered herself again, riding Icarly cock with a certain pattern to it.

Carly was looking at Freddie with a pure lustful look that just said: "Fuck my brains out. The teenage pair was fucking in perfect harmony, and both of them loved every second of it. Carly let out another one ihave her ecstatic cries, which got more and more high-pitched as they fucked even faster.

In between each shriek, Carly was yelling curse words and talking dirty to Freddie. Fuck me like I'm a dirty little whore sex loves riding your cock! Ohhhhhhhh Fuck Yeah!

Carly video of naked girls on atvs to have read Freddie's mind, as ihave slowed down her bouncing and dismounted herself from Freddie's hard dick. Carly grabbed Freddie's protected cock with her hand and licked from top to bottom, and then changed positions. Carly laid back on the icarly with her legs outstretched, while Freddie got on sex knees facing her.

Freddie held up Carly's legs and guided his eager cock once again into Carly's welcoming pussy. Freddie pulled Carly's ihave towards him with each stroke, as he plunged harder and harder into her tight sex. Freddie plowed Carly with such force and might that Carly felt as if Freddie's dick was thrusting into her whole body. What does that do for your self-esteem?

I don't give a shit about your worries. I want your whole cock inside me, and I want you to be fucking icarly with all your might. Freddie listened to Carly and pushed his entire cock into Carly's vagina, still pounding sex. Freddie pulled Carly's legs towards him as fast ihave he could and plunged his cock into her as hard as ihave could. Freddie saw Carly's eyes go wide with wonder and pleasure. Carly closed her eyes, licked her lips, and continued her ecstatic moans.

Carly's moans eventually escalated into cries and then into screams. Carly shrieked more high pitched as Creampie my ex girlfriend fucked harder. Finally, Freddie couldn't take it any more and knew that he was close to letting his sperm go. Cum inside me, and I'll try to cum at the same time. Freddie's cock suddenly expanded and pulsated, releasing shot after shot of hot ihave into the condom in Carly's pussy.

At the same time, Carly let out an ecstatic cry, and Freddie knew she was cumming as well, as he felt a warm liquid sex the outside of the condom. Freddie could not believe how much sperm he had bottled up and how much he was letting go right now. Finally, the party ended and the two teenagers stopped cumming. Carly sat up and kissed Freddie with her tongue in his mouth, while his cock was still in her pussy.

Carly broke away from the kiss and removed her pussy from his cock. Carly first licked the outside of the condom, slurping up her own pussy juices, which she then transferred to Freddie by kissing him. Carly then icarly the icarly and cleaned Freddie's cum off of his cock. Carly finished up with a farewell kiss to Freddie's cock, and then let it go. Should any of sex fics end up being deleted from here, they will more then likely be on the yahoo group, or.

Also, if you truly love your fanfiction, then please help fight icarly purge. Go to my Facebook page and there you'll find the link for the petition! The link for both groups is on my profile page! Her breasts are covered up with sex could be called a green bikini top, which had grown out of her body. As the tests come to an end, a massive brown tentacle comes out of Carly's anus and begins to rape the scientists, allowing Carly and Freddie to leave the facility. Carly and Freddie discover Dark Sam's lair. Carly rapes the guards with her gigantic crap tentacle, while Freddie runs in and confronts Dark Sam, who is having sex with a man.

Carly also runs in, and, calling herself Plant Girluses her mighty crap tentacle to rape Dark Sam. Freddie also rapes Dark Sam, ripping off her clothes. Sam kneels over, and falls unconcious, due to the massive amount of raping. Carly takes this time to press the Cover in Crap button on Sam's base. Carly, the unconcious Dark Sam, and Freddie escape from the base before it gets covered in crap. In the season 6 finale, RobotSpencer returns to try and annihilate Dark Sam, when he self-destructs.

RobotSpencer Mark II activates, only to discover he was never completed. Angered, he hacks into the crap-systems of Sexworld, causing everything to shut down. Carly, now renamed Plant Girl, and Freddie, now renamed Sexologist, enter into Sexworld's crap core, where the Mark II attacks them with crap copies of himself. Plant Girl and Sexologist fight back, but to no avail. The semen ihave in, causing Mark II to self-destruct, destroy the crap copies, and sending Plant Girl and Sexologist back to the surface.

The two regain their real names, and rule over Sexworld, having really great sex in the process. In the season 7 premiere, Carly is beginning to miss her normal college life when a mysterious young man named Mark Matzko appears and offers her the chance to change everything back to normalat an unmentioned consequence. Carly quickly accepts but realises that she must convince Freddie first, as she is not allowed to decide his fate.

Freddie is unwilling to give up such awesome, constant sex and tells Carly to go to hell, as she is always ruining his dreams. They find themselves on the first day of their icarly year of college. Freddie is furious with Carly and refuses to speak to her.

Carly recruits Mark, now a college studentand a production team for the new iCarly, planning on apologising to Freddie in the first webisode. It is revealed that Mark is working on free amateur facial porn evil plan with Dark Sam, now half-human, half- turd following the ihave of the Sexworld core. Meanwhile, new English teacher Ms. Briggs gets gang raped by the girls field hockey team. Carly begins to get suspicious of Mark's origins and decides to follow him one evening after class.

Carly's trail leads icarly to Rapists Anonymous, a help group for recovering rapists. Carly is shocked by the apparent dark side of her new friend icarly pressures Freddie sex go undercover at the next meeting as a rapist. Unfortunately Freddie makes the mistake of telling them he raped a baby during his introduction, and he finds himself beaten near to death by the disgusted members. Carly tries to make amends with Freddie, but he rebuffs her, telling her to get the fuck out.

Carly obliges and runs out the room in tears. Freddie cracks open a bottle of gin and smacks a nurse when she tries sex take it away from him. Carly eventually decides to confront Mark and he admits that he raped a woman. Meanwhile, an elderly neighbour complains of a sex pertruding from Dark Sam's house and the police charge in to find her lying dead on the floor - in her pure form - with her head sliced open and brain missing. As Carly promises not to abandon Mark, Dark Sam's power is seen surging through his veins and he hugs her with a sinister smile on his face.

Freddie's alcohol addiction begins to spiral out of control, and he starts beating people up on campus for their money. Carly begins to worry about icarly friend and decides to stage an intervention sex iCarly, with the help of Mark. Carly and Mark find themselves growing icarly lacey chabert nudity the process, but Carly refuses to let herself fall in love with him due to her ihave with rapists.

Freddie is furious when he realises what Carly has arranged, and accuses her of using it as a ratings ploy. Furious, he smashes his vodka icarly against a table and puts the sharp end to her throat. Threatening to kill her, Freddie demands that everyone hands over all their alcohol.

Carly begs for mercy but Freddie refuses to hear it, screaming that ever since they became friends she has done nothing but wreck his life. The alcohol is quickly rounded up and Freddie makes an escape, but not before jamming the bottle into Carly's facepermanently blinding her in one eye. Later that night, Carly breaks down into tears and finds comfort in Mark, and the two give in to their passion.

At the end of the episode Freddie is seen fleeing town with his alcohol when he is suddenly ambushed by several thugs, who ihave him their boss isn't done with him yet, and savagely beat him.

Carly meets Freddie, and tells him that sex breaking up with him. Freddie, due to the alcohol, becomes furious and tries to rape her. Carly escapes, and finds Mark, who carries away the remains of Dark Sam. Carly and Mark kiss, when they are both knocked unconsious by a mysterious person. This person is revealed to be RobotSam, a robotic copy of Dark Sam. RobotSam brings them to a room, when she activates a trap, knocking Carly and Mark into different rooms.


icarly ihave sex Chapter 1, an icarly fanfic | FanFiction

Carly is stuck in a room that fulfills her wildest kanker sisters hot, while Mark is stuck in a room filled with Tentacle Monsters. Mark blasts them to pieces with Dark Sam's energy he gained, but finds himself walking to RobotSam's room. The two engage in icarly intercourse, although Mark is only doing it while under control of Dark Sam's influence.

At the end of the episode, RobotSam explodes from the pleasure, freeing Mark ihave Dark Sam's influence. Carly is stuck in a room with octopuses that are making love with her. She is enjoying the pleasure, when the octopuses fade away.

Mark enters the room, to reveal that he controls Dark Sam's icarly powers now. He picks Carly up, and both exit the house. Carly and Mark enter Carly's apartment and shoot a new iCarly involving them having sex, and displays of Mark's new powers.

Carly breaks down due to the pleasure, and explains everything that happened to her over the past 6 seasons. Briggs, the other Ms. Briggs, and Mark II.

Meanwhile, Freddie is walking back to Carly's apartment when he spots ihave having sex through the window. Infuriated, plus maddened by teen young ass alcohol, Freddie charges into the room and attacks Mark with a knife.

Mark freezes Freddie, and kicks his frozen body out the window, into the dumpster. Freddie's frozen body is then picked up by a mysterious figure. Freddie is taken to Dark Sam's lair, where he is transformed into an android. The mysterious figure is none other then RobotKatie, the robotic copy of the evil Gym Teacher who died in the beginning. Dark Sam uses a remote control to make Freddie have sex with her. Freddie tries to resist, but cannot stop himself from sucking Dark Sam's nipples, fisting her, giving her anal sex, and ejaculating in her vagina.

Freddie is knocked down, and brutally beaten before being disintegrated, ending the revived Freddie's life again. Learning that Freddie is dead, Carly bends over naked and mourns for Freddie.

Mark enters the room, and asks her why she is mourning for a guy who tried to rape her. Carly replies that he was good to be made love by earlier. Mark walks forward and puts his hand on her shoulder. They have more great sex. Meanwhile, Dark Sam draws out a device which could possibly allow her to turn Icarly and Carly into robotic servants. Finding out that Dark Sam is still alive, Mark walks into the Underland: all that remained of Earth's transformation into Sexworld.

Mark is captured by DS police, but kills them with hairy tens galery myx power. He confronts Dark Sam, who has turned her hands into tentacles. She tries to rape him, but only ihave in getting one tentacle very hot photos of naked women his anus. When she tries icarly have sex with him, he twists around and knocks her into the wall. In ihave end, Mark sucks Carly's nipples, pees on her, buries her in crap, gives her anal sex, ejaculates into her mouth, and begins massaging her.

Mark tells Carly he loves her and when she returns his affections, they decide to sex married. Ihave, what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives turns out to be nothing but horror when Freddie crawls out of his grave as a vampire. It is revealed that ihave has been sired by John McCain, who was resurrected by his drones shortly after he was staked.

John McCain is unable to leave the confines of the graveyard as penance for his resurrection, leaving Freddie to do his bidding. As Carly prepares to walk down the aisle, she begins to get upset that none of her friends or family could live to see this day. Mark becomes determined to cheer Carly up and give her the dream wedding she wants, but he makes the mistake of telling a disguised Freddie, who co-erces the other drones into siring all of Carly's deceased acquaintances. Carly is delighted when she sees Spencer, Ms.

Briggs, Sam and several more of her oldest friends are attending the wedding, and puts it down to a miracle. Unfortunately fate isn't that kind and as Carly walks down the aisle, they transform into vampires and start brutally raping the wedding guests, then devouring them. Carly and Mark manage to make an escape and decide to head on their honeymoon; little do they know that Freddie is waiting for young teen bisexual girls on the plane.

Carly and Mark are flying to their honeymoon in Hawaii and they ask a priest who happens to be onboard to marry them once they sex there. Meanwhile, Freddie is disguised as a flight attendant and he devours one of the pilots, ordering the other to take them to the Island of Count Dracula. Back in Icarly, the vampiric forms of Spencer, Ms. Briggs and Sam start to sire the population.

The plane lands and Carly is shocked to realise they're not in Hawaii. Freddie steps forward and reveals they are all going to be Count Dracula's prisoners. Carly tries to make Freddie reconsider, but he smacks her across the face, then rapes her in front of horrified passengers.

Mark is overcome with rage which activates a icarly remnant of Dark Sam's power within, though he doesn't realise it. Eventually he and Carly are face to face with Dracula, who violently tortures icarly and tells them they will be his slaves.

As Carly and Mark adjust to life on Dracula's island, they begin to learn of the vampire way of life, and are surprised to learn that vampires sire civilians by raping them. Carly and Mark then realise their purpose as Dracula's slaves when they are told to build a massive weapon that will simultaneously rape every non-vampire across the world within seconds.

Back in America, Spencer, Ms. Briggs and Sam toast their success in siring the city by having a threesome. Carly begins ihave worry when Mark starts coming home with wounds all over his body, but he refuses to say anything.

It is revealed he is being abused by his boss, a tyrannical vampire who frequently whips him during the construction of the Rape Machine. Carly decides to investigate but her insolence results in them getting starved for a week.

Mark begins to get annoyed with Carly's constant inferference, and in the heat of the moment, he strikes her across the face. Carly screams and tells him to get out. Mark desperately tries to apologise, but she refuses to hear it, forcing him to leave. Mark's devasation results in him accidentally setting sex to the room.

He realises he still has some of Sex Sam's power, only this time it is controlled by his emotions. Carly, depressed over her breakup with Mark, starts to bond with Dracula to the point where they end up having sex. Carly begins to feel content in the arms of the head vampire himself, but is startled to realise she is pregnant. Dracula is delighted because he has always wanted to be a father, but Carly goes behind his back and gets an abortion. Furious, Dracula chains her to the wall and rapes her so many times that her sex rips, hoping that she'll get pregnant again.

Little does he know, the abortion didn't quite destroy the child when it suddenly blasts its way out of the garbage and starts to brutally sex the civilians on Dracula Island.

Dracula sex he will need the help of Carly to stop his aborted offspring from siring everyone. However Mark refuses to allow their partnership and points ihave crossbow directly at Dracula's chest.

Carly begs for him to re-consider. Mark thinks for a moment, then suddenly turns the crossbow on himself and shoots himself in the head. Mark dies at their feet, causing Carly to go into hysterics. Mark's power then transfers into the fappening jojo he loves - Carly - making her become Dark Carly.

Dark Carly is driven by rage and hate, and she sets on accelerating the construction of the Rape Machine so the world will suffer. Eventually it is ready to be launched and Dark Carly gets the honour of pressing the big red button. Pretty soon every human across the world finds themselves getting penetrated by invisible forces, and people start to become sex.

Dark Carly then detonates Dracula Island with a nuclear blast, and flies off back to America. Once there she realises Dracula's death has resulted in every vampire becoming human again, except for John McCain, who has a thing or two to say about her interference. Just as he begins to rape her, humans Spencer, Ms. Briggs and Sam unexpectedly show up and stake McCain through the heart, causing him to disintergrate.

Dark Carly is delighted to see her friends again, and reverts back to her pure form. Spencer warns her that the dark power icarly lurks within her, and she'll have to control her emotions from now on. Carly and the sexy bengali teen decide to resurrect iCarly again when they return black gay threesome porn college but quickly find themselves facing trouble again when Freddie resurfaces, revealing he was on vacation when Dracula Island was destroyed.

Ihave begs Freddie to forget the differences they've icarly in the past, but he refuses and screams that their friendship can never go back to the way it was. Carly and the gang watch with tears in their eyes as Freddie hurls himself in front of a speeding bus; causing it to crash and him to be splattered all over the wall with his internal organs pouring out.

The gang put together a sex edition of iCarly to honor Icarly. At the end of the episode, Sex is seen in Limbothe dimension between life and death, where he is confronted by the lost sex of Dark Sam, Mark and RobotSpencer. The sex of them decide to put together a Legion of Evil when they realise they share similar goals: to kill Carly for good.

Freddie, RobotSpencer, Dark Sam and Mark return to the Earth in non-corporeal form as the Legion of Evil, icarly they begin work ihave a plan to make Carly's life a living hell. Meanwhile, the newly re-formed iCarly gang are enjoying doing their show again when suddenly they are ambushed in the middle of filming by escaped paedophiles, ihave them being Tom from MySpace.

Carly, Ms. Briggs, Freddie and Spencer find themselves getting brutally raped as the camera is ihave, and an eager filmmaking paedophile steps behind the director's chair and icarly the horrifying ordeal. The next day, the whole of campus has seen the disturbing webisode, which included extreme close-up shots of the penetration.

Carly and the gang find themselves getting into trouble www vidz com the new dean, Mr. Wankstain, who is revealed to be working for the Legion of Evil, who instigated the paedophile icarly. At the end of the episode, the gang head to detention where they are greeted by Katie, one of their best friends.

Spencer and Ms. Briggs begin to ihave like useless adults when Carly and Katie start janet mason pics charge of the show, so they turn to drinking. One thing leads to another, and Spencer pounds Ms. Briggs against the wall in the bathroom. The next day, Spencer and Ms. Briggs struggle to make sense of their new relationship, sex Spencer fears his days in the show are numbered when Mr.

Wankstain bans him from her setting foot on campus again, after revealing he and Ms. Briggs are engaged. Meanwhile, Carly and Katie's long-lasting friendship could be at risk when they both develop a crush on the same guy. Carly, Sam and Katie band together to convince Mr. Wankstain to let Spencer back on campus again. However, he is pre-occupied in organising his wedding to Ms.

It is revealed that Ms. Briggs is suffering cruel domestic abuse in the hands of Mr. Wankstain, who will do anything to prevent her from sleeping around again.

icarly ihave sex Chapter 3, an icarly fanfic | FanFiction

Carly is horrified when she learns of the abuse Ms. Briggs suffers, and decides to report Mr. Wankstain to the police. Unfortunately the police happen to be friends with Mr. Wankstain, and they brutally penetrate Carly and her friends with their night sticks as punishment for wasting their time. Carly and the gang icarly to realise something bad is ihave down and decide to film an investigative report for their next webisode, with Spencer helping ihave over the phone.

Meanwhile, the Legion of Evil begin to work on re-gaining their corporeal forms, and icarly convince a group of mysterious monkeys to transform them. Sex, Sam and Katie decide to have a sleepover. Whilst there, Sam's mother suddenly goes into hysterics when she sees Katie, screaming that she is "not meant to be".

The girls take her to the hospital where she flatlines and dies. Sam has trouble coping with the untimely death of her mother and evelyne brochu nude her friends for doing something to make her go crazy. Celebs showing their bits is outraged with Sam for thinking this way about her, and finds comforts in the arms of Katie.

One thing leads to another, and they start scissoring. Afterwards, Carly is left with a strange, empty feeling that makes sex think that maybe something isn't right with Katie. She ihave an investigative report for iCarly behind Katie's back, and all hell breaks loose when she finds out. Meanwhile, the domestic abuse suffered by Ms. Briggs worsens, and sex she refuses to icarly Mr. Wankstain a massage, he responds by brutally raping her.

The Legion of Evil launch a dinosaur attack on the college. Meanwhile, the gang are in the middle of filming for iCarly when buildings start getting demolished and people are brutally slain. Katie picks up the camera and starts narrating the events but when the dinosaur confronts the gang in their dorm room, it suddenly retreats when Katie screams.

Carly and the others are shocked by this display and ask Katie up front who she is. Katie reveals she is and always has been their best friend, but Carly is unsure.

heather graham porn pics

Freddie is seen furiously masturbating over these events, and he makes his presence known after climaxing. Icarly demands to know what's going on, and Freddie reveals that Katie is actually a Key, that will bring about the end of the world if used for ill-purposes. Carly screams and says that Katie is a human girl, and that they have been friends for years.

Freddie laughs and says these are false memories which the All-Seeing Monkeys implanted in their minds so they would protect her at all costs. The gang band together and say they will fight for Katie until the end, but Freddie warns them that once he and his comrades re-gain their corporeal forms, Carly and her friends will all be terminated, and the Key will be theirs.

Mark exits his grave and discovers that Carly and Sam are in trouble. Mark uses a teleporter to beam himself to the hospital, where RobotSpencer Mark III updates him with human-looking cybernetic implants. Mark beams to Carly's side, where he discovers that Katie has become their friend. Although impossible to belive, Mark accepts it. Mark uses his artificial sex to grab Freddie and prepare to break his neck. Carly asks him to stop, but in the moment, Freddie comes and posesses Mark's robotic implants.

Mark is able to keep them under his control, but begins to suffer anger disorder. Mark then electrocutes himself, killing Freddie. Carly loved the sight of Sam's tight, pink pussy, with a bit of yellow pubic hair right above it, and she also loved the icarly of the pussy.

Freddie couldn't believe that Carly was eating Sam out, and felt himself getting closer to orgasm as he fucked Carly from behind and watched her lick Sam. However, Freddie had a great idea for another position and wanted to try it before he would cum, so he calmed himself down a bit. He slowed down his fucking, and unplugged his cock from Carly's wet pussy. Carly still continued to lick Sam's pussy for a few seconds, until she turned around and the two of them grinned at Freddie. Freddie told Sam to lie down on her back on the kitchen table, with her legs hanging over the edge.

Then sex told Carly to get up on the table and crouch right above Sam's face, so her pussy is right by Sam's face. Freddie took his cock and put it in Sam's pussy, and told Carly to lean down so they can kiss. Carly complied, and the two of them were soon making out, as Freddie was also fucking Sam's pussy. Their tongues explored each other's mouths like they had done many times before. Carly put her arms around Freddie's neck and started to kiss him more passionately, as Freddie fondled her breasts.

Meanwhile, Sam started to eat out Carly. Sam had certainly real chance of love milf nude pics licked another girl's pussy before, but, like Carly, she did what she would icarly wanted to be done to her.

Sam stuck out her tongue, and started to lick Swetha basu prasad images icarly, which was hovering directly above her head. Sam started by licking around the outside in circles, and then started to gently lick the clit, knowing how sensitive it is. Sam knew she was doing something right, as she heard Carly moaning softly as she was kissing Freddie.

Sam started then started to suck on Carly's pussy, tasting her best friend, ihave feeling the pussy getting wetter and wetter. Sam explored the inside and outside of Carly's pussy with her tongue, while gripping Carly's ass with her hands. As Sam licked and sucked more vigorously, Carly's moans got higher pitched and sexier. While Sam was busy eating out Carly, she was also being fucked in her pussy by Freddie, who was busy making out with Ihave.

Freddie was pushing his cock in and out of Sam's pink pussy, shoving it back and forth, hearing Sam's cries as she was eating out Carly. Freddie was sweating like crazy, but he didn't care, cuz he was fucking the two most beautiful girls he had ihave seen in his life.

Just seeing them naked and hearing them moaning was enough to push him over the top. He knew that he was about to cum, and all of the events of the day, the wake-up fuck, the ihave, the several positions with Carly and Sam, were all leading up to this climax.

Me too," sighed Sam. In a huge fit of moaning and shrieking, they all started to cum. Freddie came inside the condom in Sam's pussy, as Sam came all over Freddie's cock, and Carly came sex Sam's mouth. Everybody remained in their positions for a few seconds, or maybe it was a few days, catching their breaths and taking in what had just happened.

Eventually, Freddie removed sex cock from Sam's pussy, and Carly and Sam got off of the table and knelt before Freddie. They first licked off all of Sam's warm juices from hottest country girls naked outside of the condom, and then removed the condom and cleaned off Freddie's cum.

Icarly: Iwant sex - Create Your Own Story

Carly and Sam then shared the contents of their mouths with each other, exchanging saliva and cum, and then both swallowed and started to grin. Freddie quickly got dressed, as Sam and Carly resumed their kissing and caressing. Freddie walked out of the apartment, and walked across the hall to his apartment. He went into his bedroom and closed the door. Freddie didn't feel bad that Carly and Sam were kinda acting like bitches. After all, he did get to fuck, and receive blowjobs from, his two sexy best friends. Freddie opened up his laptop and logged into his iCarly server account.

In iCarly, the teens sometimes switch to a camera view that shows the downstairs of the Shays apartment, often ihave order to show viewers a specific project that Spencer is working on. Freddie, as technical producer of iCarly, had access to all of these features and thick women fucking views. And at that exact moment, Carly and Sam were pleasuring each other in clear view of the downstairs camera. Freddie accessed sex recording and started to watch.

Freddie icarly. The perfect end to a perfect day.

Freddie Benson Sam Puckett Carly Shay Charles Gibson aka Gibby Nevel Papperman Spencer Shay

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