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No one should ever ask you if they can touch or see your genitals, and no one should be showing or touching theirs in front of you either. The places we cover with a bathing suit are private.

Is my 3 year old's sexual behavior normal? | Stop It Now

If someone is asking about your private parts, talking to you about theirs, or if anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable, it is important to talk to a trusted adult. The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages The Good Men Project : Blog post listing action items and teaching tools for parents and educators to help minimize sexual assault by teaching consent, empathy, and empowerment. Early, Open, Often : Videos emphasizing the need to talk about sexual abuse and body safety, and how you can start that conversation. Take care, Stop It Now!

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What's normal. Healthy sex education. You may also like.

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Three- and 4-year-olds are often fascinated with and more than happy to reveal their private parts. Here's why. On a recent evening, my cousin's 4-year-old son ran into the closet after his bath. Suddenly, he threw open the door and proudly exclaimed to his mother and twin sister, "Look at my penis!

Many 3- and 4-year-olds are oblivious to the notion that their private parts should be, well, private. Preschoolers often develop a fascination with their genitals and -- as with everything else they're learning about -- are eager to share their discoveries with others. Although you may not be sure how to react when your son repeatedly sticks his hands in his pants or your daughter plays doctor with vintage ebony stockings friend, keep in mind that such curiosity is perfectly normal for kids this age.

Exploring "Down There" | Parents

Children are sensual from birth. Since they're continually cuddled, rocked, fed, and bathed, their lives revolve around their bodily sensations. By preschool age, kids express their sensuality more overtly, doing all sorts of things that make their bodies feel good -- whether it's running as fast as they can, splashing in water, or finger-painting.

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Open menu. Netmums Forum:. Boy at school pulled my Daughters pants down From behaviour to bedtimes, school choices to screen time, this is the place to talk all things child-related. Please note that as a peer-to-peer discussion board, Netmums has not checked the qualifications on anyone posting here. And if you're looking to boost your confidence as a parent, make sure you've signed up to our email Parenting Course.

Log in Register. Last page in thread. She didn't tell the teacher but she has told me. My question is, what do I do next?

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I see this as a sexual assualt. Opinions please x. Rebecca L No i wouldn't say at 6 its sexual assault at all!

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I would speak to the teacher as the little boy will need to be disciplined and spoken to about appropriate behaviour but i will say that it is quite common. Not right but it does happen. Hope your all ok x No i wouldn't say at 6 cocksucking movies sexual assault at all!

Hope your all ok x. Stacey W I would tell the teacher so that they can monitor the boy's behaviour. At that age the boy wouldn't know about sexual assault and was probably being curious, he might have heard talk about girl's 'rude bits' and just wanted to see for himself. That said, it is obviously inappropriate behaviour and the school does need to be informed so that they can deal with it if it happens again.

I'd imagine they'd want to talk to the boy's parents so that they and the school can make sure he knows it is wrong and that he shouldn't do it. How is your daughter? Did she say why she didn't tell the teacher? Marie M