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She said she exchanged greetings with the girl's parents almost daily and could not imagine how they must feel. The year-old male victim, Satoshi Oyama, was an official with the Japanese Foreign Ministry and a Burmese language specialist.

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He joined the ministry in and worked for a time at the Japanese Embassy in Myanmar. That same year, he acted as interpreter for then foreign minister Fumio Kishida in a meeting with the foreign minister of Myanmar on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. Oyama's wife issued a statement through her lawyer saying she was deeply saddened by the sudden death of her husband. Formed inPlanka encourages people to dodge fares, helping members pay any penalty fees through a group fund.


They share videos offering guidance to citizens in Stockholm and Gothenburg on how to jump barriers and keep watch for ticket inspectors. Contributed by Emerson Easley. Near This Place. Unzen-shi, Japan. Japan's hottest hot spring has a memorable name.

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Added by matthewtaub. Nagasaki, Japan. The statue's head is one of the few fragments of the original Urakami Cathedral to survive the atomic bomb.

Sign Up. The Ability Center Employee of the Year Live at Twos Athletic Club unveiling the new accessible path for tennis players in wheelchairs!

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Giving Tuesday November 02 — Minneapolis, Minn. Share Tweet Submit Pin. No prayer for judgment continue under any circumstances. Class I felony if strikes any person regardless of bodily injury.


Class H felony if resulting in death. Allow the use of automated camera and video recording systems to detect and prosecute violations. Once a stoparm violation is observed, the bus driver triggers a sensor to time-mark the video. Embedded with GPS and mapping, the playback software enables the transportation department to study the passing events in detail. They can toggle through different cameras to study the image frame by frame with local law enforcement. Below is a description of the most common system, followed by notes about exceptions:.

In many cities or city centers, for example in central Kyotoa flat fare applies, i.