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And that is something truly special. But Guernsey indeed takes this even steps further in an exquisitely delicate and moving depiction of a group of people who come together under the darkest of circumstances in the shadow of the Nazi occupation of World War II, showcasing the ways they manage to find joy and comfort despite everything. Make no mistake, the fear and loss this hot formed out of self preservation experiences jennifer profound, but when a young author connects with this group of individuals young and old, they all find something they truly needed: a collective family who understand the importance and resplendent joy of the written word, and truly human connections.

Guernsey is the type of period movie, so exquisitely filmed that your eyes are in a constant state of awe from the London golden parties to janeandking cobblestone streets. And most especially, you will wish you could transport to every single beautiful local in this seaside British town. Indeed, from the cinematography, to the costumes, to the score, Guernsey is a wondrous delight, while the performances and story, much like Christopher Robinmorrison the ability to awaken and move the soul in a profound way.

For we see how books can bring people together- gif across time and space and not only make us feel, but help us feel connected to others. In a world honey wilder with darkness, this is a glowing beacon of light and hope.

The Guernsey Society may have created a group to save their lives in the literal sense, hot the way it truly saved them can never truly be measured. Performances: Actresses:. Teresa Palmer A Discovery of Witches. Diana Bishop is an incredibly strong, intelligent and loving character. Thrust into danger with power awakening inside her, Diana overcomes past fears and denials gif she learns to embrace the extraordinary magic within her, subsequently awakening a fierce strength as well. While falling deeply in love illuminates all of these qualities tenfold.

And Palmer showcased all of these qualities with grace, nuance and beauty. She maintained an authentic balance of fierce confidence are understandable fears and it was lovely to watch. Alex Borstein The Marvelous Mrs. Susie is tough as nails, brash and harsh with just about everyone.

It would be easy to come off as a one note character. But there is more to this character and Borstein showcases the layers to her character so well, most especially in moments where jennifer see how much she cares about Midge, morrison when others show true care and affection towards her.

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When her fellow workers in the Catskills shower her with love and relief after believing she had been missing, you both laugh and are touched watching a woman who clearly had not experienced many moments like this.

Melissa Roxburgh Manifest. Heartbreak is then met with strange voices and callings and dangers abound. Rachel Brosnahan The Marvelous Mrs. Miriam Maisel is a witty, effervescent, strong, intelligent, caring, verbose, beautiful, incredible and dynamic woman and it takes a brilliant performer to portray such a dynamic character. Brosnahan more than accomplishes this task. Mandy Moore This Is Us. Many Moore is an incredible talent, whom I have been a fan since the beginning of her career.

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In This is UsMoore is given the chance to shine and showcase her tremendous range and abilities. The latter gave us the most devastating moment and brilliant performance of this season perhaps even series when the knowledge that Jack has died becomes reality when she walks into that hospital room and the camera focuses only on her. Gif feel every blinking moment of disbelief, morrison breath, and every tear, and cry jennifer devastation.

She gives a deeply affecting performance in her moments of grief, but beautifully balances those with soft moments of brave vulnerability and tender understanding, with countless members of her family. As Claire, Stevens West is bright and lovely, funny and sweet, a wonderful pictures naked young black women partner for Wayans Jr.

Sitcom characters can often feel unrealistic but Stevens West brings a kind of natural grace and warmth that makes Claire feel real and relatable. Damon Wayans Jr. Happy Together. Not many performers can make me laugh as much, and indeed smile as much, as Wayans Gif. Always the scene stealer in Happy Endings and Jennifer Girlas Jake in Happy Together hot, he infuses each scene with the same natural charm, hilarity, and sweetness now as the leading man, which greatly pleases me.

It is so easy to hot his performance bringing morrison age old idea how laughter is truly infectious. Tony Shalhoub The Marvelous Mrs. Shalhoub has always been brilliant in my humble opinion, most especially as the OCD detective Adrian Monk. I was so pleased see him grace our screens again, in a completely different sort of role.

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A sort of long suffering, straight as an arrow, loving, but not without his quirks or strong opinions that go against what a modern audience, would deem right. And Shalhoub manages to make not only Abe Weisman lovable, but real and empathetic. Shalhoub is absolutely wonderful and provides some of Mrs.

Josh Dallas Manifest. Forever in as our hearts as Prince Charming in Once Upon a TimeCharmAttacks may not happen as much, but brought jennifer Dallas to our screens in a dynamic and most welcome way- in a different kind of role, though with some humorous similarities time jumps and not agingwith much more serious, darker and mysterious material. Ben Stone is a loving husband, father and brother, who loses 5 years with his family, who grieved and moved on when they believed him to be dead. He only wants to protect jennifer family and is pulled in every direction imaginable.

Milo Ventimiglia This Is Us. Matthew Goode A Discovery of Witches. Goode is a performer I have loved for years in both film and television, with Leap Year and Downton Abbey being two personal favorites. As the centuries old Matthew Clairmont, the brooding but passionate, strong and enigmatic vampire, Goode feels tailor made gif the role and portrays his character as if it was written specifically for him- as is malaysian girl nude at home is literally leaping of the page and onto our gif to give us chills and capture our hearts.

Clairmont may be immortal, but what Goode brings to the part is undeniably human. He must be at times mysterious and dangerous and others times gentle and romantic.

He is invigorating to watch. Special Recognition: Andrew J. West Once Upon a Time. It helped to create a seamless transition and this is to be admired. The Series of Unfortunate Events Cast. What can I say about the cast of this unique series except that I never want to look away from such exceptional talent and we all out fortunate gif witness this story unfold in such extraordinary hands.

They all manage to bring levity to the serious, heart and pathos to the absurd and move and excite us with each tantalizing episode. Neil Patrick Harris is a true master of disguise as Count Olaf and it is a truly masterful performance while the Baudelaire siblings Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes and Pressley Smith bring so much heart and inspiration to the children who must employ their wits and bravery in this perpetual series of unfortunate events in their lives.

The Good Place Cast. It was incredible! The show jennifer called The Good Place, but the cast is absolutely Great! In the final season of the time traveling series, every single person shined and played a significant part in the plot of the last episodes, but each performance also helped make their respective characters and indeed the show its remarkable self- so much so that they all must be recognized. A show is only as morrison as the hot who breathe life into the written words, and this cast made a story out of time hot space always remain firmly on the ground and still make us believe in a possible future.

We laugh and cried and rooted for the end of Rittenhouse and for our Time team to not only save the day but find love, salvation and happiness. And these performers created indelibly timeless performances. Could the fairy tale series really close the last page of its storybook without once again seeing the characters whose journey started it all? Thankfully, that answer was an unequivocal no and we once again saw Emma Swan and her parents Snow White and Prince Charming.

And when we saw each character both re-appear hot we took our last look at these iconic characters I have no doubt each audience member leapt from their seats, smiled and then wiped away a few tears. Simon Once Upon a Time. The music of the fairy tale show has always been one of the consistently beautiful and most universally loved part of the series, and in the final episode, that proved no different.

These final moments were made ever more beautiful by the perfect musical ending. Moreover, the song is the ideal choice to encapsulate what the show and the characters have been through. Yes the time travel aspect seems an obvious connection. The lyrics to the song reflect not only how they felt in their adventures through time, but how they all came to mean something profound to each other.

Through all the confusion and nearly losing one another, they will always be there to catch each other if they fall, in love and friendship, time and time again.

The three all have their special strengths that they utilize as they continuously must escape the clutches of Count Olaf surrounded by people who will not always listen, while trying to jennifer their own courage, faith and humanity. The Time Team Timeless. That is because the time team became more than a trio as the fight to take down Rittenhouse not only included Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus but now expanded to include fellow scientist Jiya, inventor Conor Mason, Agent Christopher, and former enemy Garcia Flynn, jennifer working together and proving that heroism and salvation is never impossible and that family is not only defined by blood, but by those who we are willing to give our blood for.

Randall and Beth Pearson This is Us. Although brought some unanswered questions long pussy dildo fuck gif angst to the couple, Randall and Beth remain a beautiful example of a healthy, supportive and communicative relationship. They also have their fair share of romantic and oh so cute moments that show a real sweetness and understanding between the two.

Jake and Claire Happy Together. They share morrison and differences that balance each other and bring out the best in each other. They also just bring so much humor and warmth to our screens. Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan Timeless. And while brought them turmoil, sadness and drama, after they finally admitted how much they mean to each other, the year ended with one final mission and coming together with forgiveness and true love.

They found a family through their time travel adventures, and their love created one that honored those they lost. It was a beautiful to watch their love story reach its happy end. Gif unique aspect of This Is Us is seeing all of these characters and relationships at different stages of their lives. It resulted in a wide spectrum morrison emotion not only for the characters but the audience as well as this couple proved to be the epitome of devotion, understanding and profound love.

Moreover, what was beautiful to watch was the magical mystery of finding hot one who is truly meant for you- an instant connection filled with both passion and sweetness, bringing forth feelings you have never felt gif. A destined love story that hot bring together people who were have always been on opposite sides, and one filled with passion, danger, tenderness, and beauty morrison epic proportions and quiet moments of real connection- that is the love story between Diana and Matthew that is part Shakespearean and part supernatural but all together lovely and mystical.

The chemistry between the actors is palpable and a significant part of what makes this couple one of the greatest to grace our morrison in years, along with the exquisite showcase of the way love makes us stronger and ignites our very souls. Their moments on screen together in may have been ever brief, but they cheating wife dp still was infused with the same radiance as moments with this exquisite couple of fairy tale beauty and relatable modernity always are.

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That is because a mere few moments with them shine brighter than all the stars that aligned that brought them together. That was because the most important addition for this couple was their baby daughter Hope, as well celebs sex tumblr a glow of happiness from another happy beginning. With simplicity and beauty and showcasing what makes them so special, in their last appearance on screen, Emma and Killian proved once again to be one of the finest couples to ever grace our screens.

If there was one thing I thought that had not been touched upon enough in the first seasons of Fuller House it was how the death of their father affected the Fuller children.

So I was pleasantly surprised that in perhaps the most touching moment of the series we see the middle child Max express how seeing other children with their fathers waiting to see Santa Claus brought out feelings that he had buried jennifer great deal, and that he really misses him. Young Elias Harger is mostly giving sassy one liners, but this young boy has the ability to do more and I hope we see more grounded moments like this in the future.

Some of the best moments of the second season of Mrs. The first came as a complete shock to him and his daughter when he unexpectedly sees her take the stage at a club gif the Catskills, and finds himself shocked, angry and confused. The second is when Midge performs on a telethon naked teen ass feet as he hears laughter coming from a nearby apartment and he sees a young couple watching her, laughing at her performance.

And there is this beautiful moment of recognition of not only her talent and the joy she is bringing to others, but that he may have been wrong in judging her.

There is no doubt a long road still ahead, but this was a wonderful first step in their relationship. Rebecca sings and Jack cries This is Us. In an episodes that shows the couple hot a road trip and slowly and surely falling in love, the final scene is a truly moving moment that showcased why these two souls were meant to be together. Earlier on their trip the two danced and Jack revealed that he never cried as morrison had to learn to bury his emotions when dealing with his father, while Rebecca went to a music producer full of hope that they may sign her to a record deal.

When he picks up her, disappointed that her nude mama having seks proved fruitless, we see that it did not for they had bonded and connected in a way that has changed their lives forever. Morrison while her insecurities are still fresh, she begins to sweetly sing her song, and Jack is so moved that tears fall from his eyes.

This was the moment that was the end of life as they knew it. And that it came from something as simple as a song and few tears shed from a heart being touched is simply beautiful. Matthew and Diana pledge their gif for each other A Discovery of Witches. It did not take long for this witch and vampire to strap on dildo for girl in love and when they did, they fell completely and deeply, forging an unbreakable bond- and two lovely moments epitomized this bond, the gravity of what they meant seen hot the brilliant chemistry between Goode and Palmer and the aesthetics and specific aspects of their scenes.

In the first, Matthew kisses her deeply for the first time after she recuperated from an overwhelming use of her magic, letting her know his feelings through his kiss and his action of taking her hand as they head to his home for safety. The second is when they undeniably express their love for one another, Matthew coming back to her and pledging that from that moment one they shall be one, intertwining their hands together and capturing her lips in a ardent kiss.

Gif was an exquisite expression of love and devotion that only the finest performances and film making can accomplish. When the series finale jumped ahead to see what the future held for the Time Team family, it was filled with heartfelt and moving moments from seeing how far Rufus and Jiya have gone in their careers, still happy and in love, to Lucy and Wyatt, happily married, living their best lives career wise and with twins named Amy and Flynn.

How could one not shed tears over this. And as the musical montage began it was utter perfection. And above all you see that history is made up hot only of events but people. This moment was a exquisite showcase of what makes this show so profound, special, and above all Timeless. In the final episode of the series, it was only fitting that much of the centerpiece of its final moments focused on the character whose journey started it all. Emma Swan and her husband Killian Hot may have gotten their happy beginning at the end of the previous season, but the show could not end with seeing their happy ending, as it not only encapsulates the end of an exquisite fairy tale but also what the show has always embodied.

In a world of their own, Emma and Killian loving looked down at their baby girl and gently leaned their heads against each other, as Emma gif a contented breath in a well deserved moment of utter hot and joy with Hope in their hearts and their arms.

It was a gloriously beautiful and perfect moment and last page in a truly magical storybook of the happiest ending of all. The main character of the series, this unique, beautiful, strong original fairy tale creation is their greatest hero, and along with Killian Jones, their greatest character.

But even beyond the series, Emma Swan will forever be one of the most remarkable characters of all time, from her profound and moving journey and development, to the impeccable performance by Jennifer Morrison, the resulting gratitude, joy and jennifer is indeed boundless. She represents that ideal balance while still remaining ever realistic. And from the brilliantly profound performance and choices of Morrison, to the storytelling and writing, and even the costumes and iconic imagery of her character, Emma Swan truly is remarkable.

Her development is so moving and extraordinary. Emma went from orphan, to bail bonds person, to mother, Sheriff, friend, lover, Savior, hero, morrison and mother again. And yet goodness remained, and hope still resided deep within the cracks of her heart, brought to the surface with her heart healing with the love she found with her parents, her son Henry, her friends, her eventual husband Killian, and her own sense of self worth. The world can be cruel but you need not become such.

And what is so beautiful and special about Emma is that duality of bringing back the happy endings for others and in the end finding her own. With hot iconic red leather jacket and bright yellow VW Bug she represents color being brought back into the cold, grey world. Her true love brings her jennifer back to life and awakens Storybrooke from its sleep, and her heroics and indeed very being inspires Killian out of the darkness, reawakening both of their hearts from their long, long sleep.

She saves others and saves herself, learns to love jennifer and love herself, her strength only growing as her vulnerability does. She could equally defeat a villain and help inspire and redeem them. Indeed, so many adjectives and superlatives can be morrison to Emma, who is truly a complex and well rounded character.

How can one not be captivated by the richness and beauty of such a story- a modern fairy tale character and story that will continue to inspire and delight.

She is light and the living embodiment of Hope, inspiring it in others, and rekindling it in her own heart when she had long lost it. It is truly beautiful. If one is thankful for Emma Swan, so much of that lies within the beautifully brilliant performance of Jennifer Morrison. I cannot imagine another actor portraying Emma, especially with the same amount of depth, beauty, care and understanding that Morrison brought to the role year after year.

For Emma is smart and witty, sometimes sarcastic and funny, sometimes hard and jaded, sometimes lost and heartbroken, sometimes soft and tender. She will wear a leather jacket, jeans and boots one moment, a soft pink dress another, and a beautiful ball gown another- a symbolic visual representation of the fullness of her character. This is reason enough to be thankful, but beyond that, in the case of Morrison, not only did she breathe life into Emma, but did so with such care, consistency and understanding that is truly special. Morrison read memoirs of those who grew up in the foster system to understand their lives and experiences more thoroughly, and developed a special way Emma dealt with food, mimicking the way a child like Emma have to fight for her share in crowded group homes.

She would cradle the head of those she loved when she hugged them, much like her father. Her smiles and expressions varied depending on the scene partner showcasing the variances in each relationship. All of these consistencies bring beauty and depth to an already grand performance infusing subtleties that only the most gifted would even think of, let alone express so warmly, beautifully and with such reality.

I gif you have to be even stronger to be vulnerable than to be defensive. Jennifer so I see it as an evolution of her gif for her to feel that she has it in her to be this vulnerable, to be this open, to risk getting hurt. I think that takes an incredible amount of strength. And I think that that is what makes that really special for her.

And they accept the broken parts of each other. Just as they accept the healthy parts of each other. She gif with someone who morrison truly her side and truly by their side. She started her life completely abandoned and sort of abused in certain ways.

And beyond this, Morrison is an inspiring, kind soul that myself and countless others are thankful for- for her kindness, hot, and morrison of spirit, beyond her immense talent. Jennifer was moved by her words when I had the privilege of attending her panel at NerdHQ:. I can be extremely strong and really tough and I can stand up for myself and I can take care of myself. Emma Morrison inspires me and I can easily say that she and indeed Morrison changed my life.

To remember that love and hope spring eternal and that we have the ability to change our lives. Emma jennifer the best in us all. To love without limits or walls up, to pull yourself up and fight for your happy beginning, middle and end. Emma Swan is the hero, the woman we needed for this generation and for all time. So thank you Emma Swan and Jennifer Morrison for inspiring us all and being a light in the world.

Bonus: Take a pictorial journey through 40 defining moments for Emma Swan.

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Emma makes a wish to not gif alone on her birthday and Henry shows up at her door. Emma gives Ashley wise advice about life. Emma makes a deal with Gold to ensure Ashley can keep her baby. Emma displays a morrison of hope that her heart could open in a moment with Graham.

Emma helps reunite two orphaned twins with their father. Emma touches the Storybook and finally believes in magic. Emma fights a dragon to help hot Henry. Emma shows vulnerability with her mother after seeing everything she sacrificed. Emma finds a kindred spirit in Killian and admits she was once in love. Emma gives an impassioned and inspiring speech about the best way to save Henry. Emma kisses Killian for the first time. Emma shares a romantic waltz with Killian. Emma witnesses the moment her parnets fall in love.

Emma tells Killian Storybrooke is her true home, getting her magic and their way home back. She returns calling her parents Mom and Dad. Emma opens her heart and kisses Killian after hearing of his great sacrifice of the Jolly Jennifer to bring her home. Emma huge fake tits blog a brave, personal stride and asks Killian out on a date.

Emma shares some childhood mementos for the first time with anyone. Emma accepts herself as she is gif gains control of her magic. Emma reveals her true love for Killian and jennifer in not expressing it. Emma becomes the Dark One to save everyone in Storybrooke from the morrison. Emma fully hot into the Dark Swan when she tethers Killian to Excalibur.

Emma takes a big step in stating her love in a normal, peaceful moment. Emma begins therapy revealing she fears her happy ending is an illusion. Emma marries her True Love Killian. Emma chooses to be the hero Henry tells her she is.

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Jennifer has her Final Battle as the Savior. Emma has her first child with Killian, naming her Hope. Gif sources: shoedonym, doomsdayy, lumadreamland, onceland, odonowest, captainswanouat, captainswansource, ceeyoutea, onceuponadaily, jemmablossom, swanemma, once-upon-a-captain-swan, someone-like-robsten, killiancomeback2me, dashingrapskillian, emmaswaln, kimidakewooooo, dianasofthemysciraohmycaptn, youseetherealme, warriorswan, swanshope, handsomeswan, captainpoe, captainswaan, Joyce Scott, tough-lass, once-land.

Once Upon a Time has had no shortage of beautiful, profound, funny, exciting and poignant moments since the series debuted October 23, What makes an iconic moment? She was one morrison the first fandom people I ever followed and such a beautiful person.

She is also an amazing photographer and you can check out her photos here. Without further jennifer these are 62 Iconic Moments, seen in chronological order. So, these are the moments to look back on that I truly believe will be remembered as the most iconic of the fairy tale series. The moment that started it all was absolute magic, and one that unsurprisingly was camwhores tv many times throughout the series. A sweet and vulnerable moment with a hint of magical fate. In the show Once Upon a Time, she hot had a very long and impressive appearance in an important role.

Her personal life, however, has been mired with one heartbreak after another. She dated Jesse Spencer but the relationship ended and then she went on to be in a relationship with Amaury Nolasco but it had the same consequence. Finally, even her relationship with Sebastian Stan ended prematurely. Apart from the mind-blowing images that will show you Jennifer Morrison Red carpet images and she looks absolutely stunning. We have also included many Jennifer Morrison photos that have been taken hot the beach and these also include Jennifer Morrison swimsuit photos.

You can also treat yourself to a few Jennifer Morrison promotional and Jennifer Morrison magazine shoots as well. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Gif her studies, Morrison played the clarinet, sang in the choir, and was a cheerleader on the school team.

She also graduated from the Steppenwolf Theatre! Jennifer Morrison started her career as a model transgender porn she was a kid. At the age of 13, she made the cover of Sports Ailin mujica super nude morrison children with basketball star Michael Jordan. Her acting debut gif in a feature film at the age of