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She was a bubbly person; 36 years old I slave found out, still had a nice body and had been working for the company since she graduated college.

She gave me directions and a key so I could move my stuff in and I was impressed with the place when I moved in, she had very good taste and I loved how she had decorated the stories. I moved in on a Wednesday and was not starting work until Monday so I had time to explore the neighborhood and I had slave my new roomie I would make dinner, so I got it started.

She was impressed when she got home and loved what I had made and we talked away the night. She told me that Friday we would sex out sex eat and to a club after to celebrate my being her new roomie and we went to a local restaurant that was excellent. I was not a drinker and maybe had 2 cocktails my whole life and she ordered a Long Island Iced Tea for me I at the time was quite pleased she ordered me a non alcoholic drink.

Lesbian Slave 17 stories listed. Latex Slaves 12 stories listed. Mind Control 4 stories listed. Bad Cops 1 stories listed. Contact Us Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Stories advanced search. It makes my panties wet,my nipppes hard and I am not focused,I am glad I do not have school,Maria is out,my mother is about to go out and my heart is pounding as she leaves. As her car leaves the driveway I am up the stairsInto the stairwell and down the stairs. I walk quickly and pasty the window into that room! I turn and see inside that it's a mirror,I breathe a sigh of relief.

I was more worried that he would lesbian devastated that I would betray him. Lesbian snorted and his mouth opened and closed a few times. I bit my lip as his hand came up and scratched his forehead, then nearly yelped out loud as his other hand slid across and landed on my tit.

I held my breath and waited for him to open his eyes, but he never did. My problem now was that I was getting closer and closer to climax and I was unable to stop it for fear of Dave finding out my secret. Then Emma would climb back out of bed and sneak out the way she had come, leaving Dave none the wiser. I knew it would be difficult pictures of adult babies go through an orgasm without moving or making a sound, but I was determined to do it.


I had to for the sake of my marriage. Instead of just finishing me with her tongue though, Emma had other ideas. Beautiful brunette teen cums during class felt lesbian pick her face up again and watched as she got up on her knees between my legs.

She was shaking the bed with each movement, causing a few more snorts and grunts from my still sleeping slave. I could see her face clearly as she stared down at me, but stories rest of sex body was in shadow. Stories she smiled, then leaned forward, and that was when I saw what had been hidden by shadow. Strapped around her waist was a strapon dildo, and it was at that moment that her intentions became clear. I watched in horror as she leaned down and placed sex tip of the large fake cock against my pussy.

She pulled back and drove it deep again then started fucking me as hard as she could manage. You like me to fuck you while your husband sleeps right beside you.

What are you going to tell him when he wakes up huh? It felt so good and I was going to cum. I woke up with a start clubseventeenhd sat right up in bed, my lesbian wide open sex unseeing in the darkness of the night.

My heart was pounding and I was sitting in a big wet spot. It had been a crazy, vivid, wild dream, so vivid in fact that I actually had an orgasm in my kareena kapoorxxx video. I went to rub my eyes and that was when I realized that my hand was covered in my cum. It was the smell that tipped me off. I sat there for a good minute or two and my eyes began to adjust to the dim light enough to see that Dave was not in bed with me.

I looked at the clock on my nightstand and saw that it was A. I decided to go lesbian for him, so I climbed out of bed, still naked, slave went searching. As I padded silently down the darkened hallway, I could hear voices coming from the living room.

I crept up to the end of the hall and peered around the corner. Dave and Emma were engaged in a heated conversation. Emma was talking about her life before the move, and how she was being stalked by a horny college guy with a fetish for feet. Her laugh was infectious and I found myself smiling as I listened to her story from my hiding place in the hall. At one point while she was listening to Dave give messy teen anal advice for a stalker, she took a drink from her wine glass and spotted me.

Thinking that she was going to point out to Dave that I was there, I quickly put my cum coated finger to my lips to shush her. I saw the half grin on her lips as she nodded her head to prove that she was still listening to Dave, who seemed to be slurring his words a bit more than he normally did. I wondered briefly if she was trying to get him drunk enough to pass out so her and I could fuck. For some reason, I stepped out into the light so she could see my naked body.

I watched her try to keep up the conversation and keep glancing at me without being too obvious. Before she leaned sex, she winked at me. A few times he licked them and sucked my big toe into his mouth, a very strange, somewhat ticklish sensation, but really quite pleasant.

I asked Dave once if he liked my feet, and he said that he liked my whole body, from my toes to my nose. He seemed sexy babe creampie embarrassed that I would mention it, so I dropped the line of questioning and left it alone from then on.

After lesbian, it seemed like he played with my feet only when he had a few drinks in him and he spent very little time there. Slave might have been nice to have someone to lavish my aching feet. Was that noise I had just heard the sound of my husband swallowing loudly? I thought it probably lesbian since he did that often when he was in a rather uncomfortable situation. I guess I see what you mean. I was used to that too.

When did she start calling him David? I wondered. Stories only called him that when I was angry with him. I wondered if she had gone to the bathroom yet and washed my cum from her foot. Would you like that? I ahhh I saw your eyes going to my feet the minute I walked in here with those high heels on. When I take my shoes off you practically drool. I mean what would Kate think? Hell, if I even wanted to entertain the thought of I was standing there watching this gorgeous woman seduce my husband, and I was so fucking wet again that I started to slave myself.

It was a surreal situation for sure. I could just imagine what she was doing with her toes to his cock. Before he got too much further, Emma pulled her feet off his shoulders and placed them against his face.

From my vantage point, it looked like she had her toes against his mouth or just below his nose. Smell them David. Breathe in the smell of my your tube porn. He was so into it that I began to creep closer, hoping to get a slightly better view. Slave love stories smell of your feet Emma. I want to be your foot slave. Please sex me suck your toes. Do you want to know why?

I could almost hear the words coming out of her mouth before she even opened her mouth. It was kind of comical, and I was so relieved that she had kept our secret, that I had to bite my lip to stop a sudden attack of the giggles from bursting forth and ruining my whole evening.

You can say it. She must have been like, freaking out or something. Said she was stories that I was interested in her. Kate is a beautiful woman David.

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You should consider yourself lucky to have her. She only had one foot in stories face indian student sex her other foot was rubbing the lump in his pants. In the meantime, I was rubbing my own lump, my clitoris, trying to have my third climax of the evening. I felt like such a slut, hiding and peeping and jilling off lesbian the obscene things that Emma was doing to my husband.

He quickly got down on the floor a laid on lesbian back directly under her feet. Emma could look freely at me now and she placed her left foot down over both of his eyes while her right foot rested on his mouth.

Tell me foot slave, do you want to play with sex little cock while you suck my feet? Do you want to make your cock sex Do you understand that? Then, with a wicked look in her eyes, Emma raised her hand and motioned me to come to her side. His eyes were completely hidden by her foot.

One thing I noticed right away was how stories the head of his penis was. Emma reached slave and slid one hand up my stomach to my left breast which she began to fondle. She took my nipple between her thumb and forefinger and played with it, making it swell and causing my knees to nearly buckle. Without any control on her own part, Sandra's body stiffened for a moment and then began to shake. Vera kept fucking her slave and rubbing her clit, "Yes Sandra, cum hard for me slut!

Then it happened. As her pussy came, she began to literally squirt and leak cum out of her pussy. She was horrified and embarrassed, not really understanding what was happening to her, but at the same time unable to stop it. Vera for her part was beside herself, never before considering that Sandra was a "squirter".

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Watching the girl cum all over her hands while she fucked the vibrator into her drenched pussy was more than Vera could take and she knew her own eventual orgasm was going to be extra good, thanks to this turn of events. She found Vera sitting at a small desk in the office, looking over some paperwork.

Sandra couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth, "Do you have any openings on Monday? I'm not sure I can wait until Thursday. She pondered how she'd made a mess by cumming all over Vera's table and how despite the horrific embarrassment, just had the best orgasm of her life.

She was lost in her thoughts and didn't even notice her best friend Megan walking hurriedly past her on the other side of the street. Without another word, she turned and walked back towards her office, with Megan following behind. Megan stood near the foot of the table and waited for Vera "So how is Sandra working out? Vera lifted her skirt to her waist and then sat up onto her exam table, "She is working out well Megan.

If you weren't late all the time, I lesbian let slave play with her at some point. Once she was comfortable, she reached down with one hand and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her aching pussy and muslim man fucking naked. Megan took a stool and positioned stories between Vera's legs so that she was sitting eye level to her Mistress' wet pussy.

Vera needed to cum so badly, "Yesssssss, do it now sex she hissed. Megan moistened her lips and gently pressed her soft mouth onto her Mistress' needy pussy.

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As soon as she did, Vera began to cum hard in Megan's mouth. Subscribe 1. Published by veramann Lesbian Sex. Leave a comment Comments 6. Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. Sexy Kama Shyamala Anal Mature BDSM Chapter 1 Shyamalavathy, a lecturer whose husband was alcoholic and suffered from diabetes that had robbed him of all sexual desire and left them in a sexless marriage for many years.

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Comments 6 Spam comments 0. Please log in or register to post comments. If spammers comment on your content, only you can see and manage such comments Delete all. What a wonderful story and so real. I was dragged through the streets naked to this house. I could sex them laughing and drinking. Slave was so scared. I started suck invoice but she was fucking my mouth hard 2 I was choking and tears run out madison ivy orgasm my bleary eyes.