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Look at Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She stepped from Kennedy to Onassis.

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Do you think she stepped from Kennedy to Burger King man? How did it go wrong? When a woman feels something is going on we go into that investigative mode.

And when I did that, I got all of my ducks in a row and I brought it to him and said what is this all about? He explained it to me. But I had to think if I trusted him.

Trust is a building process. So while we are trying to build the trust, so many things were happening with affairs and the corruption of governmental funds and then the Rocsi thing.

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Did you know Rocsi I knew Rocsi in the mutual respect that we were both public figures. And she interviewed me before on th and Park. Were you shocked when you found out about Rocsi and your husband? I was very disappointed in the way it was handled. Do that over there, not here. And I see that she flew in and you flew out. Have you seen her since? You will hear about it. Your divorce has been a very public one.

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Have your friends helped you through this? There was a lack of support from my friends that I embraced and took over there Turks and Caicos. When you have a friendship and you come out of your funk you do look for someone to comfort you and say girl I got your back. Apr 19, 8.

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Apr 19, 9. Apr 19, I remember hearing an old urban legend that the original model was burned badly during the photo shoot and sued the Ohio players. Apr 20, I just saw this. She looks nice, and her skin is great imperfections and all. She's A Baaaaddddd Bitch. She must have showered for days trying to get all that honey off.

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Totally off subject but why was LisaRaye mentioned in this ghetto ass novel I just read? Was a good read though, called 'The root of all evil'. That's just a spin off of the original urban legend about the actress in the Bond movie Goldfinger dying when she was covered in gold paint Neither is true.

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Lisa Raye is an old ugly hoe. Not the most flattering pics of her and i happen to think she is very pretty. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Raye. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

Roger Maloney chats it up with LisaRaye to discuss entrepreneurship, and how to effectively brand yourself to the masses. Executive Producer raye writer, Lee Harris is a highly respected and talented Huriyyah has been instrumental in bringing the honey of storytelling, media production Roger Maloney was sexy video of woman with husband sleeping live and talking to one of the representatives Lucinda Cross.

Author of 4 Amazon Best Selling books. TEDx Speaker. Roxie Digital aka Barbara De Laleu is a social media and networking Pro Cannabis Media group is a media production company in the greater Making Bank focuses on uncovering the mindset and success strategies of the Sales leadership with Jim Pancero on C-Suite will help you become a Most SaaS Business owners struggle to reach the next level of success Enjoy an exclusive peek behind the scenes of United Airlines on Big Live With Lisa is a Las Vegas-based, business-driven television talk show.

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