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I never minded that as i like to window shop along the way. Otherwise by cab is the easiest. Hi Sophie, Welcome to Shanghai. You have selected two very interesting places to go in Shanghai. Would like to explain a little bit to you. Shoes, bags, clothes, accessaries at low price range are available here. It is more like a whole sale market.

A number of buildings on the same street doing the same business and full of shoppers from morning till night. Of course, there are some bus routes as well. It is pretty much depending on the time of the day when you get there.

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Come with light and big empty bags so that you can pick whatever interesting here. Bargin there, do it hard. PS: if you have a small trolley with wheels will make your trip easier. Most of the buildings will be closed around 7pm, so you can do it early in the day. Duolun Road is only metre long, but with a lot of nice buildings from last century.

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Many lun them were residences of powerful people in Chinai. Soong's family, etc. There are coffee shops, antique shops, and modern art meseum here. PS: the only church in Chinese tradtional style is on Duo Lun road as well About 15 mins walking from Duo Lun Road, there is a big park called Lun Xun Park, if you go in the morning, especially in the weekends, you'll see local residents singing, dancing, doing all elsword porn of activities here.

Very interesting. I might have limited time, in that case which will be more convenient bund me since I'm at the hyatt on the bund? Qipu is like a big Kmart clothing warehouse with a few nice things bund you know where to look which apparently I don't. Prices will be higher than at Qipu but be sure to really bargain.

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