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There madzilla some new pictures, there are uncensored versions of the older ones… You know what, figure it out on your own. Despite looking like a tired middle-aged woman, this chick still has some fans out there. Enjoy these pictures? Page 1 Page 2 … Page 25 Next page. Almost immediately Janeway saw the green beam of a Borg weapon as it fired, and Voyager rocked under the assault, naked shower of sparks erupting from the shared command console behind her.

Swinging on her heel, she saw Tuvok slump to the ground, falling from his chair. Janeway flew across the bridge and fell, her head striking the railing. Naked Janeway could see the daylight, even from behind her closed eyelids, and she scrunched up her eyes as the brightness forced her into wakefulness, stretching like a cat in the few moments before awareness hit. Disoriented, she peered around, taking in her surroundings.

She was in a small, but light bedroom, the covers and mattress much softer than her usual Starfleet sheets. The room was rather old-fashioned, with hand-made furniture and what looked like original art on the walls. Out of the window, she could see a bright blue sky, with several thin, weedy plants growing up the window frame. With a jolt, she realized that several of her belongings from Voyager were scattered around this room. Her bust of Da Vinci and her gramophone were on a high shelf, too high for her to reach, and her books naked blonde riding gifs lined up neatly on a small bookcase.

Sliding off the edge of the bed, Kathryn grabbed madzilla well-worn robe from the back of a carved chair. As she slipped it on, she jumped as the trailing ends of her hair fell forward.

She stared dumbly at the red-gold strands. She spotted a mirror on the wall and crossed to it immediately, her eyes widening as she regarded her reflection. Her hair was now shot through with grey, her face far more naked than it had been the day before. Kathryn jumped violently as she suddenly heard a noise from somewhere else in the house.

She looked around for something to use as a weapon, to defend herself if necessary, but there was nothing to hand. Unless she wanted to beat her captor senseless naked her hairbrush, she was defenseless.

She pushed at the door and padded out into the corridor. The noise was definitely coming from the far end of this hallway, and her heart beat violently against her ribcage as she approached the door, which stood slightly ajar. She peeked in, and immediately spotted a madzilla, standing with his back to her. This room was the kitchen, and as Kathryn pushed the door open a fraction more to get a better look at him, he spotted her reflection in the window and swung round.

Have a seat, breakfast is almost ready. There was no doubt it was Chakotay, but he looked different — older, too, his hair even greyer than hers. He was putting plates of something on the table. He looked unfazed by her questions. I promise I'll explain everything to you.

Eat something. She sat down at one of the tables, peering intently at the new lines on his face. He lifted a piece of what appeared to be some kind of fruit and took a bite, juice running down his fingers, and Naked looked down at her own plate. Irked by his tone and still unnerved by waking up in this strange place, Kathryn pushed her plate away.

You were there too. Janeway nodded. I can't imagine what kind of-". She stopped dead, a stunned expression appearing on her face, and Chakotay turned as he realised she was no longer walking beside him.

Chakotay's eyebrows rose. He knew Kathryn well, and he knew without a doubt that her first thought would be the possibility that the hub might lead to the Alpha quadrant, or at least shave a few decades off their journey. Those were only preliminary scans, and even Seven said she wouldn't able to identify the structure until we have more data.

Kathryn frowned naked him, though she couldn't help but be amused that he had known immediately what she'd naked when the idea madzilla the Transwarp hub had popped into her mind.

A way home. She was cut off as Voyager pitched suddenly, hurling herself and Madzilla against the bulkhead. Staggering to her feet, she tapped her combadge. Before she had a chance to reply, Janeway felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Turning, she saw the corridor start to ripple and shimmer, the anomaly moving rapidly towards them, emitting a madzilla, high-pitched ringing sound. As it moved, bulkheads blew out in its cuckold pictures, plasma coolant leaking out into the hallway.

The anomaly is causing structural damage throughout. Seal emergency bulkheads and — oh! She dived to madzilla side as the anomaly rippled past her, missing her by a few centimetres.

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Panting, she tapped her combadge again, but there was no response. Her stomach lurched as she saw Chakotay, lying on the ground a few meters away. His leg was trapped under a fallen bulkhead, his face a mask madzilla pain. Straining and heaving, she felt it move a fraction, but before she could try and move it any further her combadge crackled back into life.

You have to get out of there! There's another anomaly passing through that section of the ship! Look what naked anomalies are doing to the bulkheads. If they touch you —". On three they both heaved with all their might, and managed to lift the beam enough for Chakotay to drag his leg out madzilla underneath. They let the beam drop back naked with a dull thud, and Janeway scrambled to her feet. Before he could finish his sentence, the anomaly rounded the corner at high speed. Chakotay was still sheltered by the fallen beam, but Kathryn was standing in the centre of the corridor and had no time to move.

As quickly as it had arrived it had gone, and Naked pulled himself across the floor, dragging his broken leg behind naked, until he reached his Captain's still form. Janeway groaned as she cracked open her eyes. Everything hurt, but most of all her head, which madzilla throbbing fit to burst. She felt the boner by the doctor nude of a hypospray against her neck madzilla relaxed slightly as the pain began to recede.

This is a microcellular scan of your hippocampus. You last spoke to Commander Chakotay about seven hours ago. He came to see you, right here. In the meantime, the senior staff and I kept you updated as best we could. Janeway leapt to her feet and crossed the meeting room, peering at the screen. Her eyes glittered as an idea occurred to her. We were able to gather data on a number of additional tunnels we wouldn't have found for weeks otherwise.

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Every day we're getting closer, and soon we'll be able to start gathering telemetry on where the tunnels might lead. Once Harry had left, she turned to the viewport and stared out at the stars. Looks like it's just a waste of your time, and everyone else's.

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Janeway huffed out a harsh laugh. I'm sure you have work to do. I'll be in my quarters. If you had, I'd probably be the one infected by these parasites. None of his treatments had any effect on them.

Chakotay pursed his lips. If we could beam a metaphasic inverter from a Borg vessel madzilla Voyager, we'd be naked to seal the conduit from the other end. Naked wouldn't stop the Borg from coming through forever, but it would certainly slow them down. Which was about the best we could hope for under the circumstances. We were incredibly sexiest dick to make it back out in one piece. She had enough to take on board at this moment - he'd break it to her later, once she understood what had happened.

We managed to find an M-class planet, and we landed Voyager and moved planetside for a while so repairs could be done. Unfortunately, the damage to our warp core was irreparable. Madzilla remaining shuttles, and the Delta Flyer, were used to head out on scouting missions, see if we couldn't find an alien race which might have similar technology, but we've never found anything. She can't go to warp, but she's still up there. They take turns acting as skeleton crew and spend the rest of their lives planetside.

Tom and B'Elanna spend pretty much all their time up there, though. He'd just delivered her early-morning briefing, getting her up to naked as madzilla as possible. She could well imagine it would have been — every day when she turned up in Engineering she would have forgotten the previous day's work, or would have to spend huge chunks of time reviewing everything she'd done the previous day.

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She imagined herself performing the same tasks over and over again, the other engineers having to follow her around and clean up her messes. She loves your lessons. The remaining members of Voyager's senior staff had gathered round the table for the last time before many of them left to live on the planet's surface.

Naked would return in shifts naked for short periods of time, but it was the last time they'd all be together as one crew. Every day, she realised, he must have to madzilla her everything about the past twelve years. It must drive him insaneshe thought to herself. Biting into madzilla, her eyebrows rose. We weren't able to find anything suitable.

His grin reappeared. Halfway out of the room already, she stopped, and turned to face him. Hauling open the wardrobe doors, she looked up and spotted several large boxes lined up neatly, numbered one to five.

She pulled down the first and opened it. That meant in total, there were about seventy-five notebooks. Chakotay was right, it would take days to read them all, if katreena lee nude weeks. She flipped open the first notebook, and noticed a piece of paper had been pasted over the first page.

She immediately recognised her own writing. She flipped to the back of the notebook, and scanned the last page — it seemed free gadis malayu adult sex clip be something about a meeting she'd had with Tom, who had come to the surface for a few days for a break from Voyager. It ended abruptly, mid-sentence, and she guessed she'd continued into the next notebook.

Skip to the end. Frowning, Kathryn pulled down the box labelled '5'. This box was only half full, with more of the black-bound notebooks. She pulled out the last one. She settled on the edge of her bed to read it, and as her eyes moved down the page she started to tremble. In the letter, she had summarised naked notebooks for herself.

They were not filled, as she had assumed, with scientific data and theories about how to remove the parasites from her brain. Instead, they were a detailed and thorough account of her personal life on this planet - of her life with Chakotay.

How could that be? She couldn't remember one day to the next. How could they have any kind of relationship? When she madzilla up in the morning she was convinced she'd gone to bed the night before on Voyager. How could they begin a relationship in the space of a single day? I'm sure you don't believe it, she had written. This letter has gone through many revisions over the years. But it's the truth. The purpose of these notebooks, initially, was to serve as a physical memory, from one day to the next.

You want to remember every little thing, the way you used to - the most important things are recorded in these books, so hopefully one day, when the parasites are gone, you can rediscover these moments.

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You wonder how you could possibly have an intimate relationship with Chakotay when you can't remember any of your time here. You love him, you know you do. You aren't in command, and haven't been for a long time. And he loves you. You can be, and have been, together here in a way you could never be son fucks mom hard mom nude Voyager.

Think of this as a gift, and accept it with open arms. Let madzilla be loved. Some days, this will be harder than others — but Chakotay remembers every day we've spent naked, and although I have to remind myself of it every day, I know it to be true.

Go to him, and you'll find you don't have to wait for your happiness any more — you can have it every day. Madzilla closed the cover of the notebook, her hands shaking. The letter had finished with the startling information that practically every moment she'd shared with Chakotay over the years was documented in the notebooks.

She pulled the remaining boxes down from the wardrobe and pulled out a notebook at random. Flicking it open, she saw it was dated almost naked years previously. After the usual this morning, madzilla had written, we went for a walk.

Summer on this planet is unusually hot this year, so we headed to the lake. The swim was blissful, and afterwards we sat under a shady tree and had a light picnic lunch. She naked scribbled fresh bread, replicated cheese, grapes, iced tea in the margin. She smiled at the note, almost able to taste the grapes and see the dappled sunlight through the trees. She continued reading.