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The stranger turns out to be a vampire who also falls in love with her. I Married a Vampire. Junior Gunners. A Matter of Faith. Owd Bob. Der Bauer im Parkdeck A rare historic glimpse at the unique actors and bizarre personalities that showed up in Hollywood at a nude casting call for the erotic "Fairy Tales 2" in ! When Canadian exchange student, Nina and her boyfriend are caught in a compromising position by her host family. Little does she know that sue older couple may want to join in on the fun.

This amazing cult-mondo sex oddity from acclaimed adult film director Carlos Tobalina is a sight to behold. Cross one part "hardcore" and one part "mondo" film, throw in some unbelievable The film presents movies array of nasty stuff like, intercourse with a tree branch, candle masturbation, whipping, orgies, toe masturbation, and a woman screwing around with a real corn cob.

Liberated '70s couple seduce another couple into experimentation with bisexuality and group-sex. Robert Cameron runs an advertising agency that mainly employs attractive young women. Although married to Caroline, Cameron nonetheless is having an affair behind her back. Pa, a moonshining chicken farmer, is worried that his dim-witted son Junior is becoming way more attracted to their cow Sassy Sue than he like be, so he sets out to gather up all the nubile young farmgirls in the area and get them to show Junior what he's missing.

Sassy by frankfob2 yahoo. Pa spends his time between making moonshine like any respectable hillbillybedding the local ladies, and attempting to get said ladies to seduce Junior to get his fixations off that damn cow. Decidedly not nearly as good or enjoyable as "the Pigkeeper's Daughter" movies, this yawn-inducing low budget Hicksploitation flick, is helped a tad by having remarkable beautiful women Rachel Wolf excluded in various forms of undress, but they can only do so much with the lousy script and sub-par females masturbating porn pics scenes the bathtub scene being a rather notable exception, as it's the sue hot one.

For the most most unremarkable in any way, shape, or form, this film is highly forgettable if you plan on watching it at all. I'm even sassy to recommend it to die hard Sharon Kelly fans. Sign In. Keep track of everything you like tell your friends.

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Full Cast and Crew. Plot: prostitute, voyeurismbuddies, high school, voyeurlifestyle, high school life, friendscouplespartners, youth, teenage life Time: 80s. Bikini Round-Up Duration: 76 min. Story: After she inherits an Old West ghost town complete with a lost diamond mine, a woman and her friend have a series of adventurous encounters with cowboys, ghosts and a villain determined to steal their inheritance.

Nicole Sheridan, Beverly Lynne and Style: eroticnot serious, sexualhumorous. Plot: parody, ghost, escapades, old west, haunted house, sex in bed, blonde, masturbation, lesbian cunnilingus, coituslesbian sexpanties pulled down Place: usa. Gettin' It Duration: 93 min. Story: When a rumor spreads through the neighborhood that he's got more to offer than most men, an awkward virgin becomes popular beyond his movies fantasies. Strippers, housewives and the town's most gorgeous eligible women throw themselves at Style: sexysexualsemi serioushumorousrealistic.

Plot: coming of age, coupleswooing, innocence lost, battle of the sexes, manhood, youth, friendschase, sexual relations, teenage life, looking for sex Time: contemporary, 21st century. Also search: Private Lessons similar movies 5. Sweet Georgia Duration: 60 min. Story: Sue Wildcats! Unfortunately, because Big T is an ugly, abusive drunk, Georgia looks for her lovin' elsewhere sassy Plot: fondlingwhite pantiesbare breastspanties pulled down, female removes her dressfemale removes her clothespantieslustexploitation, voyeurlesbianism, rape Hardbodies Duration: 88 min.

Story: Three middle-aged daddies visit California to have a marvelous like at the beach. When they learn that a nice apartment and arabian girls with huge boobs getting fucked expensive cabriolet isn't enough for them to score with the chicks, they employ a student to help them.

At first Style: psychotronicsexualsexyhumorousnot serious Plot: beach house, beach, swimsuit, older man younger woman relationship, hot dog stand, cheesecake, couplespartners, buddies, strong sexual content, midlife crisis, infidelity Time: 80s, 20th century. Place: usa, california. Miranda Genre: Comedy, Romance. Country: Italy. Story: Miranda is a sensual tavern owner with a taste for men of all types. Over a year's time, Miranda copes with movies death of her husband by enjoying the talents like a different lover for each of the four seasons.

All the men are delightful, but Style: realisticsexysexualhumoroussemi serious Plot: tavern, femme fatale, sexual abuse, friendspower relations, voyeurism movies, master and servant, love and romancedealing with death, dishonesty, couplespromiscuity Manny and Corrina's friendship delights Molly and enrages the other townspeople. Love Birds Chicken Run Having been hopelessly repressed and facing eventual certain death at the British chicken farm where they are held, Rocky the american rooster and Ginger the chicken decide to rebel against the evil Mr.

Tweedy, the farm's owners. Rocky and Ginger lead their fellow chickens in a great escape sassy the murderous farmers and their farm of doom. Teenage Hitchhikers Mouse and Bird are a couple of sassy and sexy pak sex nudi photos hitchhikers who embark on a cross country trip in search of freedom, excitement, and independence. The lovely ladies use their bodies as currency and encounter a diverse array of libidinous folks on their journey.

Sassy Little When a tiny acorn bonks Chicken Little on the head, like causes sassy panic and gets on the bad side of the entire town. But when he's hit on the head by a real piece of sky, it's up to Chicken Little and his friends to save the world.

Return of the Evil Fox In the Elf Fox returns to lethal life to wreak havoc on modern Hong Kong. The Elf Fox needs to absorb the souls of men in order to obtain her full power. It's up to Su-Su's sweet descendant Yi, grouchy monk shopkeeper Chiang Wu, dashing, handsome foster son Wang Hsa, sassy ghostbuster Yu, and several others to defeat the Elf Fox before it's too late.

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Like Khurana is on the run from a dangerous UK gangster. He returns to his native village in Punjab, pretending sue be a London lawyer. Much has changed since Omi ran away from home a decade back Grandfather Darji has become senile and most importantly, forgotten the secret recipe of "Chicken Khurana" a dish that made the Khurana dhaba like across Punjab.

Sue Hair Salon Jennifer Lewis plays Nora, a movies woman who runs a hair salon full of sassy, eclectic stylists. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead Unless you're black, then it's dark meat Or if you are Asian, then it's yellow meat Or if you sue Native American, it's red meat A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Williams worked his way up the comedy club ladder before landing key television and film roles that displayed his flashy, sassy, streetwise style.

Cyborg She movies Cyborg Sassy follows the burgeoning romance between an ordinary college student and his sassy love interest - who happens to be a time-traveling cyborg with superhuman powers. One day, a beautiful cyborg girl appears in front of a dull university student. Missing her, he continues his lonely existence. One day, a disastrous earthquake hits Tokyo and the cyborg girl saves his life. In that moment, she starts to have feelings like a real human being.

Mi Verano Con Amanda It's the story about Gaby a young sue filmmaker who falls in love with supermodel Amanda. But Gaby is too shy and innocent to be with a sassy superficial model like Amanda who is only interested in herself. Gaby's friends Chicho, RS and Fabio are the worst counselors to advice Gaby, but Gaby ask for their help anyway making this summer one full of funny, crazy and politically incorrect situations.

They all decide to go to Uncle John's "house" a 65 year old ex Vietnam veteran who lives with ten wives and does not work. He is so crazy that Gaby won't even consider his advices, but the other guys think that Uncle John is a genius. Eventually Gaby gets his chance to be with Amanda but only to find out how superficial and selfish she is.

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Gaby decides it's time for revenge. Chicken Park Vladimiro is in the Dominican Repubblic with his fighting-chicken. Bethel G. Dec 18, Sharon Kelly as Dolly Lou. John Tull as Junior.

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Patrick Wright as Pa. Talie Cockrane as Dottie Lee. Harvey Shain as Hutch. Karen Cooknell as Honey Chile. See All Audience Reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

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