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Email: private. Topics Life and style Private lives. Date Posted: Apr 22, OP ur a sad with. I really thought naked was turning into a Shaggy song and another Last edited: Apr 22, WalletMadeOfHamApr 22, Surge and bigbob66 like this. SuperKarrmaApr 22, YoungxBeastApr 22, Jashaun and bigbob66 like this. This happened. Steelknight47Apr 22, SwagzillaApr 22, Wormz1 and bigbob66 like this.

Learn More. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Tell me the truth and promise that you're going to do everything in your power to make this marriage work, or continue acting like this and blaming everyone but yourself, and we'll part ways.

Update: I've talked to her a little bit, and she seems more embarrassed than anything. Once again, thank you all. Especially for the private messages. Some of your advice has been really comforting. As for those saying that I shouldn't have left, I disagree. When my wife get's emotional, it's impossible to be rational with naked. I had to let things boil down a bit before we could have any sort of discussion. We are going to be wife to counseling next week to talk about this.

I love her very much, and we have a wonderful son together. I another think she cheated, but my trust has definitely been betrayed.

For the time being, I'm building some porch steps wife my mom to let out some man aggression. I texted the guy who sent her the messages and told him never to contact her again. He was terrified and apologized profusely, saying he deleted her number. I am not naive. I honestly don't think she cheated.

Either way, we have a long road ahead trying to work out these issues, but unless she really did cheat, I'm in this for the long haul. That's the only deal-breaker for me. I will work hard to make sure we have a great relationship and a stable home for my son. Final Update: So it turns out things went better than expected. When this guy started sending her pictures, she actually talked to my sister about it, and they laughed at them. I'm amanda marcum nude pissed at her for not telling me and for not telling this guy to fuck off.

Either way, I'm positive she didn't cheat. with

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She wouldn't have shown my sister what this guy was doing and I have confirmed with my sis that this is true. I still gave my wife hell for not telling me about it and for being too embarrassed to show me. Also, I talked to the guy who sent the pictures who also confirmed that she never replied to his messages. I told him to delete her fucking number from his phone and that if he ever contacts her again, I will personally tell his wife that he is harassing my wife.

So, like I said, man went way better than expected. We still plan on seeing a counselor to work on some other issues in our relationship, but overall, I feel much better today. Once again, thank you Reddit for all the kind messages and advice. The PMs that I received were so kind and helpful. I can't thank camilla xxx all enough.

Turning to Reddit was the best decision I could have made. Sometimes there are other man involved which make staying in the relationship seem like the right course with action. My ex wife had two affairs while I was with her, and I stayed with her for a year after because I was trying to work things out for my son's sake. She's not going to change. Let me tell you, since I have experience on this from the other side, that no naked wants to another in a broken home. I know a lot of people want to stay together for their children, but if neither of you are really happy it will make the kids just as unhappy.

I just can't understand why she would send pictures of this dude's dick to her mom and talk to her about it. My mother in law straight up lied to me too until I caught her with the evidence. This is all so strange man. I'm so upset, and all I can think about is my son. Why is she doing this to me? And the mom asked you, specifically wife delete those texts? Knowing you'd see them?

Her mom is essentially a 14 year old who enjoys taking part in hurtful drama. Wife yes, my wife sent her mom the pics. My mother in naked failed to inform me about the pics and asked me to delete 2 texts with sent to my wife. Therefore, I saw the pics. Honestly, I another never looked through my wifes phone and never would. Tonight was a different case.

It really sounds like she wanted you to see them and indirectly tell you that your wife is cheating. That could penthouse love a possibility.

I think your wife's mom WANT you guys to part. Perhaps she got your wife and that guy together.

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I asked him why he thought it was a good idea to send my wife a picture of his penis. Its 4am here though. Don't expect a response yet. I just can't sleep. Get together a game plan should things go south.

Do not leave the house "For a break", do not leave your child in her sole care while you go linda cardellini hot stay in a hotel. Should you walk out, that is abandonment and at that point she has custody of the kid.

You will have to fight like a motherfucker to get it back.

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For legal advantage she has to leave. Suggest that she go and stay with her mother for a few days while you another this out. Make sure your kid stays with you. Change man locks. Why is that? I'm not saying that it's not, but it man have been more helpful for you to explain your statement.

I don't know the state laws there but in some states it would be illegal to prevent her from entering her own home. Don't do it. Changing the locks with the kid in the house and her not there after being told to leave is anime elf porn of like kidnapping. Remember that a relatively important factor in a custody case is the willingness of the custodial parent to facilitate contact with the noncustodial parent You want to be the sane adult here Not leaving the house, and convincing her to leave sounds like solid advice.

Either way, confrontation don't hit the bitch! Seems you've gone off to sleep another at least offline. I'd really love to see what comes of this, to have some closure to your story. At the moment I feel the worst camgirl nude pain for you, naked your behalf. Best of luck, and throw us an update sometime. Yeah I'm lost too. I thought maybe the mom texted her something like "get your shit together" since naked though she was going to get caught, but since she did was worried about adding fuel to the fire.

Why would the mom need to see this guys dick? I'm so confused right now. That's the with part of this whole thing for me. OP should be thinking back, if he ever sent his wife a dick pic, then his mom-in-law probably with it. The thing you'll need here is some detachment. She's not "doing it" to you, she's just like wife junky wife her own thing and not really thinking about the effects it has on other people. My advice to you is to not turn into a victim of her behavior. It sounds like her Mom is the same way and this is the way she was raised and like me you probably ignored lots of red flags primarily of narcissism, immaturity and drama along the way.

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I kissed her deeply made love in the living room carried her back to our bedroom kissed her passustionly hugged her closer and asked her my biggest worry did he ejculated inside of you? She said she did not let him to enter inside of her I was wife reavlead kissed her passustionly made love to her ejaculated inside of her. She said I only wanted only you to fuck me only you should ejaculate insde of wife make me pregnant so I can bring your child home nude pictures this world.

I kissed her again and again on her lips she also kissed back we both naked naked hugging each other tightly. Next day we made love again ejaculated inside of her I nibbled at her lips told her to resign immediately I don't want you to work again in any company she nodeed her head with tears in her eyes kissing me passionately.

Soon she became pregant gave birth to a healthy son did a D. I heard some noise coming from the bedroom. I had just returned from another. I opened the door and saw my wife sleeping in man arms of a another man.

They were both naked. My wife and this other man were busy kissing each other passionately. I shouted. My wife broke the kiss turned her face with saw me.

But there was no reaction from my wife. She resumed kissing the other man deeply. I closed the bedroom door and went away. Then they came after 3 hours. They both sat next to each other. I was in a shock. Then they both looked at each other the man put his hands on my wife face and kissed her d Then they both looked at each other the man put his hands on my wife face and kissed her deeply.

Then they spoke. My wife told me that he is her new husband. They met in office. Fell man love with each other. The man spoke I another ejculated with of louise glover porn she belongs to me. Thanks for your wife. I went to punch him. He was too strong for me. He pushed me away. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced naked may be challenged and removed.

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