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Though Psylocke has always been tough, and even a badass depending on the era and specific author, she balances her raw strength and superpowers with femininity, sexiness and style. Sexy pics of heroines psylocke female villains has become something of a controversy in the comic world, and more generally in entertainment.

Specifically, many women point to double standards in how female characters - even formidable, heroic female icons - are presented in comics, which tend to highlight their body parts and pics them sex objects for male readers regardless of how this fits in to the story.

Within the S. They even got engaged and had a psychic bond. His death devastated her since she experienced his death physically as well as telepathically. During her early X-Men days, she was attracted to Cypher although they never acted on pics feelings. Later on, lesbian superhero porn manipulated Cyclops into falling for her.

She also had a long-term romance with Angel, but, they separated because they were too different. She was engaged to Neal Shaara Thunderbird with whom she remained until getting killed by Vargas. Upon her comeback to life, Betsy had affairs with various men such as Beast, Nightcrawler and Cannonball, but, never any serious relationship. These sexy Psylocke bikini photos will make pics wonder how someone so beautiful could exist.

Sign in. Lobdell also temporarily took her out of the X-Men roster this issue. Any use of her psylocke would result in his release, so she forgoes the use of her telepathic ability.

In the Claremont-written X-Treme X-Men 2the character dies, her comic book death lasting until 's Uncanny X-Men ; Claremont also wrote this issue, later stating he had always intended to revive her. Her former identity of Psylocke will be taken by Kwannonwho will lead the Fallen Angels title. Editor-in-Chief C. Betsy pics Sir James Braddock's second child and she, her twin brother Brianand elder brother Jamie had a very privileged life.

By the time she entered college, Betsy had become psylocke charter pilot. She dyed pics hair purple and took up modeling. At the age of twenty-one, her psychic powers psylocke manifested, which grew to include telepathy. Betsy was in Tom's mind when he died; feeling his death, she was left traumatized. The psylocke tried to rape Betsy. In self-defense, she telepathically killed him. Working with Captain UK, the duo became public sensations.

After several months, crime boss Vixen lured Betsy into a showdown with Slaymaster, who brutally beat her, then gouged her eyes out. Brian flew to her rescue and killed Slaymaster. Betsy was kidnapped from the Alps by Mojo, brainwashed, given cybernetic eyes, and, as "Psylocke", became the psylocke of his new show "Wildways".

Brian and the New Mutants rescued her, after which Betsy moved to the X-Men's mansion to recover, exactly where RomaGuardian of the Omniverseneeded her to be. Psylocke used herself as bait to lead him away from the injured until the X-Men arrived to help her. While Sabretooth and Wolverine fought, Psylocke used her telepathy to gather information about the Marauders and their leader, Mr. Sinister, from Sabretooth's mind. As an X-Man she met Mephisto[36] Dr. Doom and the Fantastic Four, [37] and the Horde.

To prevent this, she sent them through the Siege Perilous. Betsy reappeared amnesiac on an island near China, where the Handa ninja clan, found her. Spiral informed Matsu'o that Psylocke's telepathy could restore Kwannon, and Matsu'o accepted. Psylocke to Matsu'o, however, Spiral actually placed the two women's minds into each other's bodies. She also merged their genetic structures, leaving both women with physical and mental traits of the other, and with each possessing half of Psylocke's telepathic power.

She gained highly psylocke fighting skills and learned to focus her telepathic pics into a "psychic knife". Lady Mandarin's first mission pitted her against Wolverine.

Betsy's psychic knife attack revealed Wolverine's memories of who she used to be and allowed her to break free from the Hand's conditioning. Psylocke rejected her role as Lady Mandarin and escaped with Wolverine and Jubileeeventually going with them to the island nation of Genoshawhere the New Mutants had been kidnapped along with the X-Men's leader, Stormby Cameron Hodge. Pics Sabretooth gutted Psylocke, Angel, Wolverine, Doctor Strangeand Gomurr the Ancient retrieved a magical liquid from the Crimson Dawn dimension that healed her and gave her the new ability to teleport through shadows, but also marked her with a red tattoo over her left eye.

However, Psylocke still retained the abilities associated with it. Soon after these events, the couple retired from active duty with the X-Men. Subsequently, she aided Storm against the Shadow Kinggay muscle videos tricked Psylocke into initiating a psychic shockwave that disabled all other telepaths, leaving him unchallenged on the astral plane.

To keep him trapped she was forced to constantly focus her telepathy on him, effectively rendering herself powerless. Jean Grey 's attempt to help Betsy deal with the Shadow King somehow swapped their powers, leaving Betsy telekinetic. In ValenciaPsylocke died in combat with the man known as Vargas while protecting Rogue and Beastwho were badly beaten by the villain.

She was buried at the Braddock family estate and a memorial to her was erected at the X-Mansion by Beast.

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One year after her death, Betsy awoke where she had died, unaware of how she had survived, and was soon reunited with the X-Men, helping them against the Saurian Hauk'ka, [83] and Mojo and Spiral. Intending her to be a weapon psylocke use against the First Fallen, Jamie tightened up the " quantum strings " of Betsy's body, rendering her mostly immune to external manipulation, enhancing her telekinetic powers, and leaving her invisible to the First Fallen's senses.

As a wrathful First Fallen turned on them, Jamie sent the X-Men home while he held the entity back, apparently sacrificing pics. Accompanied by ExcaliburBetsy visited the prison, where Xavier revealed his true identity as the Shadow King, and tried to take revenge, having Excalibur attack Brian so that Betsy could witness his death; however, immune to his control, Betsy telekinetically induced a stroke in Xavier's body, freeing Excalibur.

Before she could finish him off, Psylocke was interdimensionally teleported to the Crystal Palace at the Nexus of All Realities. Appearing at the headquarters of the Exilesheroes gathered from several realities to protect the Omniverse; both the Pussy toying choice of Psylocke as latest recruit, and the timing of same, were apparently the result of Roma's manipulations, again moving one of her pawns to where it would soon be needed as part of a greater plan.

After escaping, Slaymaster began murdering Betsy Braddock in each reality he visited. Meanwhile, determined to confront her fear, Psylocke began rigorous training to prepare herself for their next encounter. Almost immediately pics the Exiles and Excalibur were called to the defense of Otherworld, under attack by an army of Furies created by a resurrected Mad Jim Jaspers ; though the heroes prevailed, the Exiles were left as the Psylocke primary defenders until the devastated Captain Britain Corps could be rebuilt.

This reality's Ogun approached Psylocke and offered to train her so she could avenge the death of his apprentice, who was killed by Slaymaster. Betsy returned to the Crystal Palace, became involved with teammate Sabretoothpsylocke promised to honor her mission as an Exile. Somehow, Psylocke became trapped between parallel worlds and was rescued by Madelyne Pryor - now calling herself the Red Queen - who controlled her to join the Sisterhood. They also stole Betsy's original body, in which Kwannon had died, at pics arab teen pics. A ritual of sorts with both bodies was performed, resulting in Betsy's original body being brought back to life.

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Dazzler's attack shocked Betsy back to consciousness, enabling her to overcome the Red Queen's control and return to her Japanese body. After these events Pics powers changed once again; she now possessed both telepathic and telekinetic abilities, but with her psionic potential divided between them, neither ability is as strong as it once was. Upon arriving, she was ambushed by the Hand, who destroyed her original body at the behest of Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Enraged, Psylocke tracked Matsu'o down, finding pics terribly disfigured as the result of Wolverine's yearly revenge on Matsu'o for his role in the murder of Mariko Yashida.

Matsu'o, now missing both hands and other body parts, desired an honorable death and pics Psylocke to grant him that honor since psylocke could not pics a blade to perform seppuku himself.

This put Psylocke at odds with Wolverine, who felt that Matsu'o's punishment was not over yet. Psylocke engaged Wolverine in a brutal fight which ended in a truce. With Wolverine's permission, Psylocke finished Matsu'o off psylocke, using her telepathy to project illusions into his mind of his body restored and of Kwannon embracing him.

Psylocke quickly killed him with her psi-blade. They ran into Fantomexwho had slain the beast. Psylocke battled Sublime 's associates with the help of Fantomex and her teammates. Psylocke appeared to have lost her immunity to telepathic attacks and reality alterations, as Proteus easily possessed her. However, her psi-blade was able to break his hold on his hosts. In the aftermath of " X-Men: Second Coming ", Psylocke along with DeadpoolFantomex, and Archangel was selected by Wolverine to be a member of the new X-Force; the sole condition being that no one could learn of the team's mz booty bio. The team's first mission was to locate and kill She plays with cockwho had been reborn.

Upon discovering that the reborn Apocalypse was a child, most of the team psylocke scary movie women naked nude killing him, but Fantomex fatally pics the boy.

The latter succeeded in freeing the Archangel persona in Warren. Psylocke's hesitation to kill Archangel led to her transformation into the Horseman of Death at his hands. Jean Grey of the Age of Apocalypse psylocke to revert this process, unlocking a previously untapped power in Betsy's mind, who became a full-fledged Omega-class telepath after these events.

Psylocke stabbed Archangel with the Life Seed, killing Warren and creating a new being in his likeness in the process. After the Schism between the X-Men, while Psylocke decided to stay on Utopia under Cyclops' leadership, she secretly remained part psylocke X-Force to help whenever Wolverine requested.

Cyclops also placed her in charge of a new X-Men Security team, asking her to be his spy and spy-hunter. Soon after, Pics Britain learned of Betsy's activities with X-Force through their bond and decided to retrieve her to Otherworld, where Jamie Braddock was revealed to be alive, and punish Fantomex for his crimes. Betsy took up the Lady Briton mantle to rescue Fantomex and was ultimately forced to kill Jamie in order to prevent his future self from destroying the multiverse.

Psylocke imprisoned his psyche for good into Omega White, whose ability was to eat psychic energy. After this last mission, X-Force disbanded for good and Fantomex, who had been keeping a relationship with Betsy, but died at the hands of the Brotherhood, was resurrected in three different bodies for each of his brains.

After the events of Avengers vs. X-MenPsylocke and Fantomex spent weeks in Parisengaging in drinking, sex and thieving. Feeling jealous about the new couple, Fantomex set Psylocke up. Once Cluster sided with him, Psylocke decided to leave them for good. With the help of Storm and PuckPsylocke faced her longtime rival and Bishopwho had returned to the present day.

Psylocke ultimately stabbed her to death, breaking her vow not to kill again. In the wake of psylocke terrorist attack known as the Alexandria Incident, which claimed 3, lives, Cable re-formed the mutant black ops team X-Force so that mutantkind not only had a continued place in the world, but also had a stake in it. While Cable recruited Fantomex, Marrow and Dr.

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Nemesis as his teammates, Psylocke actually sought Cable because she couldn't bear staying away from X-Force as she admitted she was addicted to killing. Their first mission had the team track and face Volga, a wealthy business man responsible for the abduction and weaponization of several mutants and depowered mutants.

The intervention of Mister Fantastic in the rebirth of Earth caused the Marvel Universe to be a direct continuation of the previous iteration. For this reason, Magneto invited Psylocke to be a partner in his endeavors and protect mutantkind.

He also offered pics the chance to work with a blank slate clone of Archangel he had came across earlier. Magneto's X-Men first mission had them face the Dark Riderswho were targeting mutant healers. When Warren and Archangel merged, Psylocke started working with him to restore the man she once wed couple porn stars and loved.

Once Ulyssesan Inhuman with the ability to forecast the future, emerged, Psylocke briefly changed alliances, siding with Storm's X-Men in opposition to Magneto's team, who wanted to eliminate the boy. After the X-Men foiled Someday Corporation's plans to weaponize mutants, Psylocke quit the team, vowing to keep an eye on Magneto's operations and putting an end to them if psylocke ever crossed the line. Psylocke also faced Psylocke, stabilizing the shapeshifter's psyche once and for all.

When Beast discovered that the Terrigen was saturating and would soon render Earth completely uninhabitable for mutants, Psylocke joined the rest of the X-Men in psylocke war against the Inhumans, seeking to destroy the cloud while the Pics fought to protect it. Making good on her promise, Psylocke found Magneto and killed him. She then walked away, feeling like the world and the X-Men were better off without her. After spending some time in LondonPsylocke found herself under an overwhelming psychic attack by the Shadow King, which caused her to lose control.

She sent the X-Men to the Astral Plane to deal with Farouk and remained behind to maintain the necessary mental link back to the physical world. Psylocke found out the Shadow King was keeping Charles Xavier 's soul trapped in the Astral Pics, and under the Professor's guidance, she managed to fight Logan and Gambit, both possessed by the Shadow King, contain the psychic infection in London and protect the civilians. After Xavier killed the Shadow King, Psylocke was shocked to learn he had taken over the body of Fantomex, who chose to remain in the Astral Plane.

Suspicious of X, ashlynn brooke fucked love now Xavier started to call himself, Psylocke travelled to the Astral Plane herself to make sure Fantomex psylocke fooled into giving up his body.

Unbeknownst to the X-Men, X had unintentionally brought someone else with him, a pics Proteus.

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Not willing to take a risk with such a powerful being on the loose, the X-Men appointed Psylocke as their leader over X and attacked Proteus, ultimately defeating pics with a combined effort. However, when Psylocke tapped into a psychic network to undo Proteus' reality-bending madness, the Shadow King took the chance to return to the physical world.

Psylocke and X joined forces to defeat him once more, linking every psychic telepathically and cleansing the world of Farouk's filth. X erased the memories of the other X-Men and told Psylocke she would be the only one to remember he had returned.

As a member of the X-Men, Psylocke also tutored the time-displaced Jean Grey in the art of creating psychic psylocke [] and investigated the Phoenix-related phenomenon that led to the resurrection of the adult Jean Grey. During this encounter, Psylocke was attacked by the psychic vampire, Sapphire Styx who absorbed her soul into herself. Once inside, Psylocke discovered the psychic husks of all the victims Sapphire had claimed over the centuries, including a fragment of Wolverine's soul that she had been unable to purge from herself.

Drawing on nude sexy beach pics strength of all the imprisoned pics, Psylocke used her telepathy to destroy Sapphire psylocke within, and emerged in her original body.