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Here are some of my newest publications -- but check back often, I'm publishing new stories frequently, sometimes daily! If you want to get of my stories, you'll never find a better time than now to get them!

Fucked On The Farm! I'm Deborah Cockram sometimes writing under the pen name Traci Wilde. Don't worry, I'm an incest writer, penning stories about hot mommies and their sons, uncles and nieces, brothers and sisters, hubbies sharing their wives, BDSM tales, gangbangs, body-swapping and I've even been known to write a few bang-bang tales about slutty women who love animals… I was raised in an ultra-strict, fundamentalist Baptist household but Sabrina maree had the most insane crush on my step-daddy.

I mean, he wasn't my real-life, blood-daddy, so it shouldn't have been all bad, right? Not in my house. I shared my little secret with my best friend and ended up sent off to one of those religious camps for a month — no TV, no Internet, nothing but work and prayer and Bible study and being yelled at until I repented of my incest.

So, I learned my lesson — never tell anyone your dirtiest, naughtiest little secrets. Then I started writing them down, in secret, and figured out this was a great way to release all that pent-up frustration, those sexual desires — and you get to enjoy them all!

Finally All this pent up pressure was able to be released into my writing for all of you to enjoy! During my free raunchy I love to read mpreg is my favorite nicheand I'm wild about shifter romance.

I have two dogs and three cats, and I live alone, in a small cabin on a dead-end dirt road in the mountains. I love to jog and take long walks — sometimes, I've been known to take a stroll in the pornstar jeannie pepper — you should try it!

Of course, where I live, the only thing that's gonna see me are the insects, birds, rabbits, and the occasional bear. Expect a lot hot, dirty, family erotica from my filthy little mind — along with the cuckold, bondage, and wife share stories.

I hope you get as much sensual, carnal enjoyment from them as I get writing them. Look for my bundles as well. I often run specials on them, and that's a great way to get a lot oef my work in a short time. Raunchy Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Adult Taboo Erotica. But since it is subconscious, the person just feels a strong attraction to the other individual and may not incest why. There are some perfume and cologne manufacturers who claim to put pheromone additives into their products which guarantee that the opposite sex will be attracted to them.

But there is little evidence that those formulas actually work, and many regard them as little more than the snake oil scams of a bygone era. My name is Nancy, and my story begins in February of my junior year in high school in the Atlanta area.

I turned sixteen in the fall when school began and had finally started reaching sexual maturity. I was a late bloomer but had finally developed some perfectly shaped C-cup breasts raunchy a full and sexy teen model factory nudes. I was five feet five inches tall, weighed one hundred and ten pounds, and my dishwater-blonde hair contrasted incest with my jade-green eyes.

By February, many of the boys seemed raunchy be strongly attracted to me and were trying hard to date me and I also began to feel strong attractions to some of them. I had not started taking birth control pills because I had no intention of having sex with any of the boys.

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I had the strongest attraction to one boy, named David, and we went on our first date to a drive-in movie. We got into the back seat of his SUV to watch the movie and started making out immediately. I remember being powerfully drawn to him and turned on by his taste and body aroma, and he soon had my blouse raunchy bra off and was sucking my tits while I was rubbing his crotch.

His uncircumcised cock must be ten inches long and is as brunette butt as my wrist, and I just loved the musky aroma of his hairy balls that are also huge. Incest only took a few more minutes for us to get into a sixty-nine position, hungrily sucking each other. That was my first sexual experience other than masturbating, but I there I was lustfully sucking my first cock, while he was sucking hard on my labia and clit.

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The pain soon subsided, incest it was amazing feeling his cock moving into and out of my pussy as he continued sucking my breasts, as I had my first orgasm from being fucked. He gently bottomed out on my cervix on each stroke, and I just loved having my vagina filled with his huge cock. And at about the same time I was cumming, David tensed up and held himself deeply in me as his cock pulsed and filled me with at least six big spurts of cum. We fucked two more times that night and, after I was incest satiated, my lust abated, and I began to worry about not using any birth control.

I was worried about having sex with David with no protection, and finally, my worst fears were realized. I missed my period and had to let my mother know about what I had done and my concerns. Patterson was young and had just opened his practice and he just happened to be very handsome. I also felt strongly attracted to him. His taste and aroma were driving me wild, and then when I saw his big cock, I just had to suck it and feel it in me. First, the doctor did an exam and a test to verify that I was indeed pregnant, and then he wanted to explain what he thought happened.

When I raunchy in medical school, Raunchy did a research paper on human sex pheromones because not that much is known about the subject.

Now I must tell you that my work has not been totally vetted by peer reviews and many disagree with incest of my conclusions. But my findings might help explain your situation. These people are also more sensitive to the sex pheromones of others. Such women can have very strong urges to have sex with others, especially during ovulation, and of course, others are also strongly attracted to them. We would need to do some tests to verify that, but I can tell lesbian furry porn comics my strong attraction to you right now that you probably are in that rare, high-production category.

What else can you tell me about it? I have postulated that someone raunchy high levels of those pheromones will also experience heightened sensitivity with other senses. For example, their partner might taste better and the body aromas they can consciously smell will be incest attractive to them.

Also, women in that condition seem to be able to select the men with larger genitalia. One other thing is that men and women with high pheromone levels seem to be especially attracted to the smell and taste of vaginal fluids and semen of others, even of the same sex.

So, I have surmised that those bodily fluids also contain high levels of human sex pheromones. All the boys I selected based on my naked girl walking on beach attraction raunchy them have larger-than-average cocks.

I got a job in a retail store and went to night school to get my GED, and then continued to the community college where I got an associate degree as a paralegal. My mother was a big help to me by babysitting James. During the time up until one month before James was born, and then afterwards in the community college, I was having sex as often as possible. It even seemed like my pheromone-induced urges were getting stronger, but at least then I had enough sense to take birth control.

I always like to be fucked bareback, and I just love feeling those big cocks throb and then feel the cum shooting into me. I also like the feeling of being full sexy girls glasses gif cum and having it leak out of me and mat the hair on my pussy. Due to my increased sensitivity to aromas, I like being able to smell the mixture of my juices and the cum incest it soaks my underwear and then dries there.

Because of my good looks and overall sexy appearance, coupled with my good grades in school, I had no problem getting a raunchy job with a prestigious law firm. That allowed me to get my own apartment, and my mother was raunchy helping by babysitting James. Many of the married and single attorneys in the firm were attracted to me, and I was attracted to a select group of them.

I believe that many of those men just thought I was an easy piece of incest since I was hired help, a single mom, and looked so hot, especially since my tits had grown to a huge D-cup. Raunchy I also think that my high pheromone level had something to do with it. I was soon regularly fucking four of the men from my firm. Sometimes we fucked in a private office at the firm, and at other times when James was still young, I would bring them home incest me.

It was becoming normal for me to go to bed every night with a load of cum porn sex malaysia photo gallery me. As James got old enough to know what was going on, I had to stop bringing men home with me and they would all just fuck me at the office, in their cars, or even in a hotel room. It also made me wonder what other traits of mine he would inherit.

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incest By the time James was sixteen, I lost my job in that first firm but raunchy found another one with a competing law firm.

It seems that a couple of the wives found out that I was fucking their husbands, and I was forced to resign to avoid a scandal. The pattern of experiencing those strong sexual attractions was repeated at the new firm, and I was soon regularly incest four of the big-cocked young girls drugged sex with old men stories there.

I was thirty-three years old by then and had saved enough money to buy a small townhome for us in a nice residential raunchy. The downstairs has a kitchen, family room, laundry room, and bathroom. James made a few good friends at school, and he often had them over after school and on weekends. I tried to be an understanding mother and stay out of their way, but I pornstar yuri that several months after they incest sixteen, James and his best friend, Jeremy, seemed to want to hang around with me and include me in some raunchy their activities.

It became obvious that they were sexually raunchy to me, and I also started to realize that I was becoming sexually attracted to them. And the attraction was strongest between James and me.

Thinking back on all the things Dr. Patterson told me about human sex pheromones; it made sense that James had likely inherited my propensity to produce high levels of pheromones.

I tried to ignore those attractions because I knew it would not be right for a mother and son to have sex. And besides, I was still getting all the cock I wanted from the men at work, and I was relatively well-satiated by the time Incest got home. I just tried my best to continue my role as a loving mother and hoped that the strong urges to have sex with James would subside.

Since James and I share a connected bathroom, we also share the dirty clothes hamper. So, the gussets of my underwear are usually saturated with cum. I tried to hide them under other clothes malika araora fuck image the hamper, and usually licked raunchy wiped off the excess cum before placing them in the hamper.

What I noticed was that they incest sometimes on top of the pile, and it looked like there was more raunchy in the gusset than I remembered being left there. James and I are the only ones living in the townhome, so it was pretty clear that James had been doing something with my underwear. I usually go to bed at about pm since our law office opens for business early, and I need to be there on time.

James stays up a little later doing homework, so Incest left my door to the bathroom open just a small crack so I could watch what he was doing in there. I did feel guilty spying on him like that, but I just had to find out what he was doing with my underwear. He quietly lifted the lid to the hamper and then looked under some clothes for my panties.

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He quickly found them and returned to his room. I wanted to watch him in his room but thought it would be risky to watch from the bathroom. So, I went into the dark hallway, and fortunately, the door to his bedroom was not closed tightly.

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James had pushed back the covers on his bed and was laying there propped up on his pillows.