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During grade school, she performed K-rock band Cherry Filter's "Flying Duck" which began her aspiration to become a singer. On August 1she finally debuted with Red Velvet. The song debuted at number 52 on the Gaon Weekly Chart. The same month, S. Entertainment issued an official photo series entitled Enjoy your Monday with Joy.

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Read More. Videos 16 Albums 0. Work with us Advertisers Webmasters. It felt mean. She took a glance around her. The others were talking amongst themselves and no one was really looking at her. She looked at the crowd of boys until she made eye contact with someone who looked like he was struggling and began slowly and discreetly going through the moves. When one of the others would turn around she instantly go still.

Eventually, it became a game to see how much Blair could dance before one of the others looked to her. As Noor had just finished getting her first outfit of the night on, her phone rang, alerting her that she had a video-call from Jin. You look even more radiant and beautiful than usual! Are you walking soon? I just finished getting dressed. We wanted to support you.

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Stop exposing me! Eunmi and the boys did so, waving and sending her finger hearts. Noor smiled and waved back before hanging up, turning her phone off and putting it back in her purse.

She looked in the mirror one last time, to make sure nothing was out of place.

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A minute later, the coordinator told Candice to get in position, as she was opening the show this year. When she turned and started walking back, Harry Styles walked out and started singing. Leomie and Noor lined up at their sides of the runway and walked out at the same time.

They posed together at the end, Noor turning her back to the audience with her arms crossed, and Leomie playfully joy her. She was up after Estelle and before Alexina. Alessandra and Adriana led the finale, and everyone walked in their last outfits, except for the wings. After the show, Noor returned to her hotel and called Jin. You were amazing! I can be subtle! I joy you too. I love you! Originally posted by frailuta.

I have to take you home remember. Yeri took money out of her pocket and payed the barman. She stood up, lifting Sooya with her. Log in Sign up. And you had three days to red out. Bad Girl! AU x Red Velvet. Ask warmau a question red velvet scenarios red velvet imagines red velvet au irene scenarios joy scenarios wendy scenarios yeri scenarios seulgi scenarios irene imagines joy imagines wendy imagines yeri imagines seulgi imagines sfw rv imagines rv scenarios red velvet.

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Upload Video Photos. Joy Porn She is the lead rapper and vocalist of South-Korean girl group, Red Velvet.