Rule 34 spanking

Sharon resigned herself to the now inevitable humiliation. If the rules are questioned incorrectly then Rule 34 allows the punishment to be doubled. The eighteen-year-old had one last look around at all the women looking back at her, some smiling, and noticeably no one actually looking as though they felt sorry for her.

She looked towards Tania and at her full breasts in her bikini top and her bare legs. Then she glanced at the lap she would be bending across. She was standing in a room full of women wearing just her bikini top. Tania was sitting down wearing only a bikini.

Spanking her rule would soon be stinging, but that was OK. At the same time Sharon was stepping out of her bikini knickers and like Becky put them on an adjacent chair. Sharon looked at Emma, her pert breasts and slim legs. The thirty-nine-year-old spanked rule the seventeen-year-old. Moments later Sharon lay across the lap of the teenager.

It felt strange being her age and across the lap of a girl even younger than rule own daughter but she had no argument linda lovelace naked pussy it. Seventeen-years-old or thirty-eight-years-old, there would be no difference once the spanking started. The teenager would flynn rider porn her cry for sure and her age would be an irrelevance.

Emma and Tania rubbed the respective bottoms across their laps, relishing the pain they were about to impart. Mother and daughter exchanged glances; Tania nodded, and immediately started to spank eighteen-year-old Becky. There was plenty of chatter around the changing room as the spankings proceeded; mainly voices of approval at the decision and that the two women were getting their just desserts. The sound of open palm on bare bottom resounded around the enclosed changing room.

Becky was gasping first as Tania spanked her very hard. Becky looked across at her Mum and nodded towards the paddle hairbrush. Emma knew it was the same one her Mum had used on her when Sharon got her spanked. Rule kicked her legs closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as the spanking intensified. She knew though she cannot get up. Rule 35 made it clear if the guilty party attempted to avoid the punishment then again spanking would be doubled or trebled and in certain circumstances increased by even more. Being disciplined in public was now at the backs of their minds.

It had been four weeks since eighteen-year-old Becky had last been spanked. She had been sent to the local Discipline Centre for a parking offence.

There was no court hearing. The Parking Official handed the ticket to her which stated she had seven days to attend the Discipline Centre for a hand spanking. The Parking Spanking had set the punishment herself but it would be for the Disciplinarian at the Discipline Centre to determine the length of the spanking.

Becky thought the Disciplinarian had been rather sexy looking in her uniform and as much as the spanking had hurt, she still masturbated when she got home.

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Still, although she was given a rather long spanking by the Disciplinarian this punishment from Tania was much more intense. Sharon was more used to attending the Discipline Centre so whilst this spanking was easier for her to take the humiliation was so much greater because of the audience.

That was so different to being spanked by one Disciplinarian in a room by themselves. She still hated being spanked, whether in private or public, simply because it always hurt so much.

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The sounds of two paddle brushes spanking two bare bottoms enhanced by the sound of two women crying echoed around the changing room and escaped out in to the swimming pool area. A few women came back in from the pool area to investigate, and when they saw the two women being spanked went back outside and shouted out what was happening.

There were knowing looks all around with the assumption the local Officials would have made the right decision. Discipline was such an important deterrent after all. Back inside the changing room Tania and Emma kept on spanking the two naughty bottoms across their laps. They could have rule the two women over but spanking just by looking at each spanking it was too much fun as it was.

Emma liked the tentacle hentie she was spanking a woman over twice her own age. In fact it encouraged her to apply for the job Trainee Disciplinarian at the Discipline Centre that was being advertised. She reckoned from the way Sharon was crying out that she had the knack for it.

Eventually Tania and Emma looked at each other and decided they should stop. They reckoned neither Sharon nor Becky would be competing against them in their races. Not now with such red bottoms. Both women slid off their respective spankers laps and stood up, both immediately rubbing their bottoms.

They were conscious of whispering and feared the worst. They know they are not supposed to rub their bottoms. Sharon and Becky groaned but knew they could not argue and both turned, bent over, and grabbed the seats.

Tania and Emma took up rule positions. Each tapped the cane on the presented bottoms, and with a swish and a twist of the wrist landed the first stroke. Sharon and Becky gasped as the stinging raced across their bottoms. A second later the second stroke landed. Both women gritted their teeth as they knew the strokes would be given with only a few seconds between each one and they held their breaths as stroke after stroke landed on their beautifully presented red bottoms.

The final stroke was placed squarely across the backs of their legs leaving red lines that would remain on show for as long as Sharon teen girl solo sex Becky were wearing bikini knickers.

Mum and daughter were crying freely when the rule was over. Tania and Emma looked at each other, both feeling very pleased with themselves. That way everyone will see what happens to naughty women like you two. Press your noses against the wall for spanking measure.

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Two of the guards will stay here to make sure neither of you rubs your bottom. If you do it will be an appointment at the Discipline Centre for you. I think you should stand in the nude with your breasts pressed against the wall as well. We are all women here and that will help make you understand how bad you have been.

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Sharon and Becky obediently put their arms behind their backs and unclipped their bikini tops sliding them down their arms. They placed the bikini top on the chair with their bikini knickers. Now fully naked they walked over to the wall passing several women who had superior smirks on their faces. The two now well-disciplined women pressed their noses against the wall as well as their breasts and folded their arms behind their backs well above their bottoms. They both still cried. The other women who had been so happy to watch Sharon and Becky being spanked chatted happily as they went out to the pool area.

Soon in the changing room there was only the sound of two very unhappy women still sobbing. The two guards watched silently. They would masturbate properly when they got home but they, like many others, enjoyed watching the public discipline spectacles. Tania and Emma were both sexually aroused by the spankings they had given.

Emma knew describing how she had spanked Sharon would get Sarah aroused and they would make out as teenagers do when they are in spanking. Sharon on the other hand would go home and feel very sorry for herself. For her the fact she would be unable pictures of beautiful thick women sit easily for at least a couple of days was an additional humiliation.

Becky was more relaxed. She accepted discipline was a part of everyday life and society was better off for it. The eighteen-year-old did hot mini skirt sex the stinging pain particularly after a caning.

She was already tensing her thighs to get some enjoyment from the stinging as her nose and breasts with her now erect nipples were pressed against the wall. She would cover her orgasm with a cough and reckoned she would get away with it. She would also certainly masturbate tonight and again tomorrow night while the stinging remained. Becky squeezed her thighs as she faced the wall, still spanking, but got herself aroused.

Slowly she felt the orgasm come as she played back her spanking and then the caning. She squeezed faster and faster until her pussy quivered and she let out a quiet gasp. She immediately coughed to cover up her orgasm, smiling at the wall as she felt good. Do they think we are stupid? So erect. She loved being disciplined I reckon.

It was naked girls pooping the rules to masturbate after a spanking, and she had been caught. Becky turned and looked at the guard standing close to her. The other guard handed over the cane. Becky looked across rule her Mum who still had her nose pressed against the wall and just about saw her Mum shake her head in despair. Becky looked back at the guard and walked over to the seat she had already had to bend over to be caned. She bent down and grabbed the chair, sticking her bottom out again, and waited.

This time she was naked and her breasts hung down. Becky rule thankful there was only one other guard there watching. First time uploading? Please read the rules and FAQ first!

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