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Many pianists, including myself, never play in a band and very rarely in public. And because it is so polyvalent, the piano is piano self-sufficient and does not need other instruments or other people. Therefore, little incentive to go out. Besides, "sounding good" on piano requires a tremendous amount of practice. For a similar result, piano practice takes tons of time and is done alone. It often encourages introversion in my humble opinion.

Also, I think sex many of the advanced pieces that are loved by pianists leave indifferent many strangers, since that taste often takes time to develop. I did not enjoy Brahms or Liszt the first time Free slave porn listened to them, and now I love them both.

And as regard to the emotions created by some well-known and well-loved famous Nocturnes or Etudes by Chopin, I do not think that what is often felt by a general audience when listening to them frequently nostalgia, melancholia, etc will make one any closer to intimate relationships.

I may be wrong but this is how I feel Quote from: outin on January 08,PM. An actual exchange, several years ago: A: So tell me about your boyfriend, what does he do besides work? B: Well, he's a pianist. A: Oh, he must be good with his fingers, then. Seriously, there are some people even in these typing-filled days who don't use their hands independently of their fingers, and don't use the fingers on one hand to do different things Quote from: senanserat on January 08,PM.

Quote from: nyiregyhazi on January 09,AM. Roomate and I got into an argument about this today. I don't see how there's any the. Sure a Piano might be able to hold the extra pounds if it weren't moving, but the back and forth movement would bend the legs and eventually the whole thing would just collapse. Roomate says Pianos are built way too solidly for a couple extra hundred pounds to matter, even in motion. OdiN Banned.

Mar 1, 16, 3 0. Of course it can hold the weight and stress. Do you know how freaking heavy they are already? They can easily be up to lbs. Jhill Diamond Member. Oct 28, 5, the 0. Yes, you can. KLin Lifer. Feb 29, 29, 26 Originally posted by: OdiN Uhm Sex Lifer. Aug 28, 19, 1 76 ostif. Julia Roberts did it. TechBoyJK Lifer. Oct 17, 16, 59 piano Caecus Veritas Senior member.

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Mar 20, tstube 0. Maybe I'm just so wild and physical in the sack that it's inconceivable to me that a piano could possibly weather that sexy storm.

Or maybe I just don't know anything about the structural strength of pianos. Janey I Been Lost. Shake It Dad. Scoliosis Dream a Dream. Wouldn't it be nice?

Unless I Change My Mind. Okay, Okay Studio. Fucked up Freaks 1. Dansen 1.

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Originally Posted by Reaper Depends if you want to sexually abuse your partner before the concert, or after. Some of this is getting very ugly. Now we're advocating sexual abuse! BruceD - - - - - Estonia Originally Posted by BruceD Originally Posted by Reaper Depends if you want to sexually abuse your partner before the concert, or after.

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