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It is very bad what they do to the children there. A sign for the madrassa is emblazoned with the flag of a Taliban-affiliated group.

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After persistent knocking, a blind maulvi, Mohammed Nadeem, led by a young student, agrees to speak. He denies that any abuse takes place inside the madrassa.

NHS admits doctors may be using tools made by children in Pakistan

Honor killings now carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison, but clerics in sexual abuse cases can still be forgiven. Sahil, the organization that scours newspapers for cases of sexual assault, offers families legal aid to pursue such cases. Last year, Sahil found 56 cases of sexual assault involving religious clerics. In cases that are pursued, convictions do occasionally happen. The same cleric had in the past managed to get several families to settle over sexual abuse cases because of his close links sex religious extremist groups, said local officials.

This time, a local activist group known as Roshan Pakistan, or Bright Pakistan, persuaded the family of the young girl to resist. Far more often, the family gives in, as in the case of a 9-year-old girl who was raped by the maulvi of the unregistered madrassa pakistan attended, according to a police report.

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Her uncle, Mohammed Azam, points across a field to the madrassa, surrounded by a high wall. The girl started working two years ago, at 7, and her only schooling was in the Quran. She spent the rest of the day sitting cross-legged on a mud floor inside a swelteringly hot room sewing the traditional shalwar kameez.

She screamed. Their own family is happier not because it only has two children, but because their parents had enough money inherited, stolen or earned for them to be born in a private hospital, be sent to private school and hold their birthday parties in private clubs.

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Two kids or 20, for parents they are all precious. For some, even divine. Pakistan to launch mobile phone app to curb child sex abuse. Subscribe Log In.

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Director Jamshed Mahmood Raza took to social media over the weekend to allege that Dawn newspaper's Sex Haroon raped him 13 years ago. In Pakistan's Kasur, child rapes and killings continue unabated. Fair trial concerns plague Pakistan sexual assault cases.

My aunt's boyfriend was beaten to a pulp by my grandfather to "protect her honor. Attempting to embrace my sexuality through my clothing was impossible too, because I had pakistan wear baggy, unflattering t-shirts that diverted attention away from the shape of my breasts.

After moving to Toronto just before my 19th birthday, still holding onto the reserved nature that kept me from showing any cleavage whatsoever, I reverted to socializing with my Pakistani peers from back home due to the intensity of my homesickness.

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But I eventually came to realize that a change in setting has done little to remove the biases of lots but not all of the Pakistanis living in Toronto. Hooking up with a Pakistani guy who had a Pakistani roommate made me extremely uncomfortable, due to the conditioned fear of judgement. Eventually, I was introduced to a completely different environment, surrounded by different people with different cultures, values, and mindsets, which made me realize there is no reason I should be ashamed of being who I want to be, but that's what happens when you've been living in a highly judgmental bubble of society.

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I've never been religious or, I'd like to think, judgmental. He continues to be propositioned in the street but now, he says, he has learned how to protect himself. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Global development Trafficking in focus.

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