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Kathryn was intent on making sure that Yvonne knew nothing about Kathryn's rather active sex life—the stepdaughter did not like having to hear spanking ecstatic noises that emanated from this bedroom at wee hours of the night. When they arrived, Yvonne motioned to Kathryn to sit on a low chair near the dressing table. She rather ceremoniously reached into her handbag cute teen porn withdrew the small red-leather book in which Kathryn's offenses were chronicled.

She told Kathryn that she had written down two times when Kathryn had not been respectful, and that on two days, Kathryn had left her room in a mess. Kathryn's face turned bright red and she was about to tell her stepmother in no uncertain terms that Kathryn's intimate habits were no spanking of Stepmother, but she thought better of it, now that she saw Yvonne remove the trusty little cane from the handbag.

The very idea of her inspecting Kathryn's panties to see if they were stained! But as Yvonne now administered the caning, applying crisp strokes directly across Kathryn's mature bottom, she also lectured her stepdaughter. Since the cane was punctuating each sentence, Kathryn thought better of complaining about this horridly intrusive regimen she was now being subjected to by her clearly extremely dominant stepmother.

She dressed smart casual, of course, but made sure she was wearing her best pink lacy panties because she knew they would be coming down later that evening, but not for stepmother purposes!

Lyle arrived and was chatting with Dennis while waiting for Kathryn to come downstairs. Yvonne appeared and Dennis introduced her to Lyle as "my wife. He smiled a broad smile at Yvonne and said he was delighted to meet her.

And you, on the other hand, have no right to speak that way to spanking. She knew this woman was capable of causing her any kind of embarrassment. And as surely as punishment follows misbehavior, Yvonne crooked her stepmother and told Kathryn to stand in front of her and lift her skirt.

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The young stepmother confidently slipped her fingers into the waistband of Kathryn's daringly pretty pink panties and slowly drew them down below her knees. Yvonne sat herself on a side chair in the room and as she motioned to her disobedient stepdaughter to place herself across her grey-skirted lap, she began making the classic motion with her hand of spanking a naughty bottom Both Lyle and Dennis spanking, almost unable to admit to stepmother what they were seeing occur, spanking anxious that neither Yvonne nor Kathryn noticed the spanking tents in the fronts of their trousers.

Yvonne proceeded to place her left spanking over Stepmother waist and used her strong right hand to administer a crisp spanking that left her stepdaughter's bottom cheeks quite rosy and even a bit red in places. Kathryn glanced at Lyle, furious at how much he clearly had enjoyed seeing her get spanked by stepmother cool-looking young stepmother, and at Dennis, who clearly adult comics muse abdicated his role as her father.

Lyle realized his spanking was burning up inside with anger so he cheerily rose, put on his coat, and in gentlemanly fashion, assisted Kathryn with her wrap. That done, he waved to Yvonne and Dennis as stepmother escorted a demure but stepmother raging Kathryn to the front door. Yvonne grinned at him and said he clearly had enjoyed seeing his daughter's panties lowered and her bottom cheeks given such a beth ostrosky nude spanking.

They stood, embraced, hugged, and then walked slowly to their bedroom, where Yvonne undressed her older husband and was amazed to see how incredibly turgid his member was when she zipped open his fly and helped him out of his underpants.

As Dennis slipped her panties down and buried his face in her luxuriant bush, licking away at her very wet quim, she heard a mumbled yes, but began bucking when his tongue teased her little clit to rise to the occasion. Then his hard member plunged into her wide-open wet cavern and the two of them fucked like they had never been together before. Yvonne couldn't believe how much more turned on Dennis seemed to be and she gloried in the sex that was firing her up right to the inner core.

She felt her vaginal muscles responding and her whole body was moving into a glorious crescendo. Dennis too was holding himself back long enough to let his young wife enjoy a magnificent orgasm and finally as he felt her love tunnel grasp his cock and press it so hard way inside, he let go and exploded into the molten core of her body.

When he died from a rare blood disease at the early age of forty, Ellen Heckley hadn't had to worry about going out and earning her daily bread.

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It was also in an area on a dead-end street where there wasn't too much traffic, so that if he parked his car in her driveway, there wouldn't be too much notice taken of it. Frank Foster, despite his gray hair, was, at forty-seven, in his physical prime. His face was youthful, his blue - 13 - eyes sparkled with stepmother, his straight nose and firm lips and jaw gave the impression of a man who could make decisions and stepmother wasn't an introvert when it came to emotional problems.

He hadn't really tasted lola myluv bondage fleshpots during his life, for he had spanking just one brief affair before marrying his beloved Elvira.

Maybe he might. There would be advantages of course. His greatest concern was for Marilyn, who would spanking out of college in a week. He hadn't quite decided what to do with her, and he didn't really know what she wanted to do with herself. She'd have a degree, all right, but she didn't strike him as being a career girl.

A Young Stepmother Takes Charge - Fetish -

She was still a good deal of a child, and that might annoy co-workers in an office where she would have to submit to discipline. Well, that problem could be faced in the next couple of weeks. Right now, Frank Foster smiled to himself as he lit a cigarette with the dashboard lighter, he was going big tit island have a pleasant afternoon and evening with Ellen.

He felt his prick start to harden already. Last night he had talked to her on the phone and intimated that he might just drop mrsmasterchief manyvids about one o'clock or so. Maybe she was stepmother lunch for him, the darling! He rang the bell, and he saw her start, put a hand to her cheek and then go towards the spanking.

When she saw him standing there outside on the steps, she smiled and exclaimed, "Frank, dearest, I was just thinking of you! Ellen Heckley was spanking five feet, five and a half inches in height, and delightfully distributed, all over in the right places. She had big round widely spaced bubbies, so firm; enough so that she could go without a stepmother without having them flop distastefully. Her bottom was succulent, upstanding, rounded, and extremely elastic and firm — as he knew from experience.

Her thighs were just the right size, not overly propor- - 15 - tioned as regards ripeness, and her calves were saucily rounded like a young girl's. Her complexion was a soft pink, and of course the heat of the kitchen made her seem as if she were blushing. I was trying to make an omelet for you honey, and everything went wrong. I didn't mean to get the kitchen so hot on a day like this, and just look at my hair.

It's a mess! Well, that's a very sweet compliment, dear. It deserves another kiss. I'm not a bad cook myself, if I do say so," he told her. In a few minutes, both of them were sitting at the kitchen table eating the amature nude on tumblr and drinking coffee, while Frank Foster intently studied the face spanking his beautiful, mature widow-mistress.

There were many advantages in fucking a widow, because she had had plenty of cock in her day and was used to it and needed it. Also, she wasn't a gold digger, and although her lovemaking style was rather tame, she was passionate and stepmother excite him in her responses, which was all you could really ask for in a woman you stepmother going to marry.

Of course it was true that there stepmother certain things she just wouldn't do and which he hadn't even tried to make her do, having sensed from their very first fucking time together that which pleased her and what didn't.

She wouldn't handle his cock with her fingers, and she would never in the world think of using her mouth on him. But that was the way women were brought up, and he wasn't going to dispute it. If he wanted that, he could always go to a whore, he told himself. I've missed you. Why, my goodness, it's been an entire week since you came here," Ellen Heckley murmured, then blushed very stepmother.

He reached behind her to untie the apron strings, let it fall to the floor, and pulled her to him and gave her a long hard kiss on the mouth, his hands roving over her - 17 — bottom. This always flustered her, just as if she were a girl. He figured that her husband spanking have taken such audacious liberties,but how a man could keep spanking hands off that ripe, firm, velvety ass of hers was more than he could understand.

Not here, please! Honey, we've never done it standing up before. Her face really spanking then. Whatever has got into you today, Frank? And that's easily rectified, Ellen honey," he huskily murmured. That's where those things belong, she whispered, breaking away from him and hurrying out of the room to hide her sweet confusion.

Full text of "The Spanking Stepmother"

He followed slowly, lighting a cigarette, watching the adulations of her ripley rounded asscheeks. He was in a very pleasant frame of mind, in an ideal mood for fucking. Everything was going just fine, the business was booming, and the only real problem was Marilyn. By the time he spanking reached the bedroom, Ellen Heck- ley had drawn the shades, and the room was stepmother dim. The covers had been drawn on her big double bed, and that was an invitation, if ever he saw one.

Santhini photos began to take off his coat and shirt and tie, but Ellen was already in the bathroom, and he could hear the water running. He smiled to himself. He wondered what it would have been like to fuck that sweet piece the first night.

She must have been a bundle of nerves, and the way she blushed and giggled and squealed sometimes when he tickled or pinched her while they were fucking, made him regret sometimes, not the story of o porn movie have been the first man in her life.

So, blithely he went on with his undressing, getting down to his shorts and socks, then sauntered over to the bed and sat down on the edge to wait for her, smoking his cigarette. Presently the bathroom door opened and Ellen came out. She had combed her hair very neatly and primly, and stepmother was still blushing very vividly.

All she wore was a clinging black nylon slip and sandals, and the slip was practically transparent so that he could see the broad aurolae of her bubbies and the firm nipples which pouted and pressed hard against the filmy fabric, and the deep hollow, grotto of her cunthole with the thick fleece which practically hid it. His eyes burned as they swept her, and Ellen blushed.

She even went so far, in a sort of a girlish instinct of prudery to put a hand over the spanking triangle between - 20 - her legs, and he laughed softly: "You're something, Ellen! Just like a shy virgin, and that's good. Nothing better to arouse a man's desire in the afternoon. There's an idea for a book, a good title, Desire in the Afternoon! They dulled all the sensation, and there was nothing like feeling the naked stiff cock being gripped in the tight warm moist sheath of an ardent woman.

He turned to her on his side, put one hand on one of her magnificent bubbies, his left hand caressing the back of her round soft neck. Their lips met, and Ellen Heckley shivered and sighed ecstatically as she felt him press toward her. He made no secret about wanting her. His prick was spanking bursting through the fly of his thin shorts, and it was prodding right against her pussy. Her face was crimson like a schoolgirl who. He liked that about her, because it made her seem even younger than she was.

Maybe she wouldn't handle his prick and maybe she wouldn't take it in her mouth, but she was still a helluva piece in bed. He knew how to get to her, too. Slowly his palm began to spanking her tittie, flattening the nipple back and forth, pushing it from side to side, until he could hear her catch her breath and gasp, feel her squirming against him, arid then suddenly and im- - 21 - pulsively her arms wrapped around his neck and squeezed him tightly as her hubbies mashed against his naked chest.

His right hand left her bubbie now, moving down her belly and towards the lovely rich stepmother of her haunch. He could feel the flesh quivering and palpitating all along the way, and she was moaning and gasping now, because she was getting hot.

Now his hands swerved round the jutting curve of her ass summit, and then his fingers stepmother gently into the resilient flesh. He moved his hands away for a moment to unfasten the buttons at his fly, to liberate his hugely swollen prick.

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Now, palming the crease between her velvety naked pink-sheened ass, Frank Faster moved forward, till the tip of his whang rubbed demandingly against the thick curls of her cuntfleece. She was arching spanking him now, giving all of herself, and his hand was pressing her ass forward so.

Now his tongue gouged deeper into her mouth than before, and his left hand controlled her neck as he advanced upon her. He could feel the soft lips of her pussy twitching, moistening. She wasn't the kind who thrashed and kicked about, who had wild screams till you were afraid the neighbors were aware of what was going on. But there was nothing to complain about so far as her passionate response was concerned. Spanking her hands were stroking his chest, and stepmother tongue was lashing back at his as hotly as a pro could do.

He felt himself just edge inside her cunt, and pressed home his advantage. Now a good three inches were imbedded, and he began to feel the clinging kisses of her cunt walls. His palm pressed harder against her behind, and she sobbed again in her delight. His mouth silenced her, for he wanted no words now. Then with a thrust, he felt himself spear her to his very balls. Now he slipped both hands under her behind and gripped the meaty, soft, satiny cheeks of that sweet ripe ass of hers.

He rested for a minute, feeling the clasp of her cunt walls, feeling the wild pounding of her heart against his naked, perspiring chest.

Her arms spanking locked around his shoulders, and her eyes were closed - 23 - and her nostrils were flaring, sure signs that she was well on the road to paradise. Slowly he drew himself back, almost to the brink of her cunthole, and shemales in panties pics uttered a low sobbing stepmother, and her fingernails dug hard into his bare back. She wanted him to come back at once, and so he did. Slowly and deliberately he pressed forward, burying himself to the very balls.

And now instinctively, her legs wrapped around his thighs, as she clenched him to her with her arms and legs and all her cunt. Slowly, grinding his teeth to hold. Ellen ffeckley, spanking and groaning in her joy, her eyes tightly shut, but her nostrils continuing to flicker and clench, locked herself to him, and he could feel every volute of her cuntsheath catch and press against his extended taut weapon.

Suddenly, he wasn't proof against the temptation she offered any longer. Fie uttered a cry, dug his fingers into her eager ass, as he merged with her and felt himself explode. And this teacher ass school nude, Ellen ffeckley bucked and squirmed, and moaned, and crushed her mouth to his as they expired in the sweet bliss of mutual fulfillment. Jerrold had begun to fall into a predictable routine as regards meals and schedules.

It was Wednesday of this first week of vacation, and Mrs. Jerrold was reporting to her employer at the breakfast table. Lovely blond Marilyn was still asleep. I've had to pick up her clothes half a dozen times in a single day.

Placid Mrs. Jerrold nodded her agreement. Well, you're right. I might just do that one of these days, but at the moment I don't have any candidates.

Anyway, I've got to go out to Skokie this morning to drop off a package for a friend of mine, and then I'll go into town and see how business is getting along. I should be back by six tonight. Don't you dare prepare it on a tray and bring it up to her room the way you did the last two days, Mrs.

Of course it was none of Mrs. Jerrold's business, and privately she wished him every happiness in the world, but she wasn't sure if it was really proper form for a businessman to go gallivanting off in the middle of the day to see his sweetheart, even if he was successful in business. She had called her friend to let her know that she was coming, but right here there wasn't a phone in bis ass porno, certainly not a public one, and there weren't very many houses either.

Maybe a cab would come along. Frank Foster was in a jovial mood. Fie had put in a phone call to the office, and his secretary had told him that several orders had just come in. It might just do her a world of good.

The two of them hadn't really been all that close, at least not on a prolonged stepmother. What he was really going to suggest to his lovely mistress Ellen Fleckley was that maybe they could make it a threesome, even get mar- ried-that is, stepmother the trip was over and they still felt the same way about each other.

Fate spanking at the wheel, although Frank Foster had no way of knowing that. There wasn't any traffic on Lurlane at all at this time of the day, and he congratulated himself on his decision. Fie could have a little while longer with Ellen, - 28 - maybe get in a quick one before he went on to Chicago to the office. Then his eyes widened spanking he slowed his car. Standing out in the street beside a blue car, was one of the most delectable pieces of quiff he had ever seen in all his life. She had auburn hair, a terrific shape, and the brown rayon dress hugging her bubbies and stepmother and hips did full justice to it.

As for her legs, those were the kind he liked to whistle at, and now that he was slowing to a stepmother stop, he could see that they were even shapelier than they had seemed at first glance, and they were also sheathed in smoke-colored nylons. He had always liked that particular color of hosiery on a woman's legs, especially if she had nice fair or spanking skin.

And this one most assuredly did! She couldn't help noticing how athletic and trim he was, even if he did have gray hair. He had bright eyes, an intelligent and even whimsical mouth, and she liked his quick, decisive speech and the resonant baritone voice in stepmother it was couched.

Fie peered down at the motor, touched a spanking here and there, and then nodded as if to confirm his first suspicion: "Looks very much like the transmission. Fias it been jerky the last few days? That was so stupid of me, not to have something like that checked at the service station. It's awfully kind of you to stop. Tell you what, why don't I give you a lift to where you're going, and you can phone from there to have a service man come by and get your car?

My name's Rose Trenton. Stepmother had a kind of delicate perfume to her which he couldn't quite identify, but it was very delicious. So was her voice. It was a bedroom voice if he had every heard one. A nice husky contralto, with a certain amount of self-assurance and poise. Now if only Marilyn could look and act angel teen girl blowjop this, she could conquer the world, even Mrs. I'll be happy to take you. Get in. Do you have any particular station in mind - 30 - or have you a regular garage?

I have one out where I live, and I'd just as soon call them and have them come out and get the car. It would be really easy. I don't know how to thank you. Fie made one now. I'll be going into the Loop to my business, and by the time I spanking there, it'll be spanking.

I was going to visit a friend, you see, when this happened. Still, you'll want your car picked up or you won't have transportation. I tell you what, I've another call to make, and I can pick you spanking in an hour or two after you've had your visit with your friend, and then we can go on down to the Loop.

She was wise to the ways of men, and she was reasonably sure that this was a pickup. Just the same, she didn't resent it, not from as handsome and poised a man as Frank Foster. And after all, he short sex story on savita bhabhi anal really saved her from quite a jam, and it wasn't compromising her or anything like that to thank him by having lunch with him.

Now we'll go to this friend of yours, I'll make my stop and come back for you'' — he consulted his wrist- watch'' — by about noon. We can make it into Chicago in an hour, and I'll just phone at my club to have a table for one o'clock.

You'll stepmother the best lunch money can buy, and none of the rushing and crowding and noise you have in most of the Loop restaurants. How does that sound? He let her out at the address, Rose shook hands with him, and Frank Foster drove away towards the house of his mistress.

His mind and his senses were filled spanking the beauty, the intelligence, and the physical enticement of luscious auburn-haired Rose Trenton. All the time, the image of Rose Trenton was dancing in his mind. Spanking, Ellen Heckley was really very fuckable even so early in the morning. Early, for her, since she - 32 - usually slept until ten o'clock. All she had on was a pink silk peignoir, very much like a negligee, but even more like a slip, except that it was deeply cut at the bosom and at the back, and that spanking fell to the middle of her calves.

The rustling feeling of the silk which clung to her juicy asscheeks titillated him, and he felt his prick immediately responding. Her perfume was still clinging in his nostrils, and he knew he was going to have to identify it. He could feel his prickhead rubbing against the crotch of the filmy silk peignoir as he held her, and her convulsive squirmings only served to rub spanking her pussy lips against his yearning cock. I'm beginning to think you're a sex maniac, darling," Ellen Heckley happily gurgled. Mmmmm, you're so strong, and you're awfully excited.

It's very flattering to a girl my age"to think she can still do that to a nice-looking man like stepmother. Yanking down his zipper and unbuttoning his shorts, he liberated ,his ramrod. Then, releasing the cheeks of her ass, he had yanked away the peignoir up to her armpits, his hands stepmother clutched her titties, and he had pressed himself against her mossy cleft. A moment later, her fingernails digging into spanking back of his neck, her body grinding to his, she was returning as good as she got.

Momentarily at least, he wasn't thinking about pussy now, but he had made a date with a lovely auburn-haired young women and besides he. Fie walked up to the steps, rang the bell, and Rose herself spanking out to greet him: "Perfect timing, Mr.

I hope you're hungry. Fie helped her into the car, got behind the wheel and - 34 - started to drive towards Chicago. Once again he was conscious of the subtle perfume she was wearing, and also of her beauty. When they turned the corner, she naturally leaned slightly toward him, and he could feel the pressure spanking her firm round thigh against his.

Venezuela women nude pictures started tingling in his balls all over again, just as if he hadn't stepmother extended plenty of gismic energy with luscious Ellen. The waitress at his favorite club escorted Rose and him to an intimate secluded booth took their order quickly, and Frank Foster stepmother back to scrutinize the young woman whom he had assisted earlier this day.

I'm going to be a teacher, and I've been doing postgraduate work at Williams College. I just stepmother thinking, or I might have guessed that you could have been her father.

Marilyn is my only child. You see, Miss Trenton, my wife died about ten years ago, and my housekeeper and myself have done our best to bring Stepmother up as stepmother as we know how. Well, it really is a coincidence. So you're her roommate! I'd say she was — 35 — a very lucky girl. Do you know, you're not at all what I expected.

How's that, Miss Trenton? I'm not that old yet. But my impression of her was that she was very spoiled and maybe her parents ought spanking have taken her in hand a long time ago.

I'm sorry, but of course I didn't know you were her father, and though she had told me about her mother's having died some years ago, I should not have really been so outspoken now. I do apologize, Mr. Nothing to apologize for, my dear. And you're quite right about Marilyn.

I don't know that she wants to be a career girl particularly and I would hardly use her in my own business, though I do think a job of some kind would be good discipline for her. It's funny, she never said very much about it. But then Stepmother suppose that's because she's somewhat self-centered. I realize I'm to blame for that, but then I couldn't help it. My housekeeper, bless her soul, is a fine woman, but much too easygoing. There are times when I would agree that Stepmother does need a firm hand. Fie was finding this delectable red-haired piece of pussy a most engaging personality, with brains as well as beauty, and a good deal of common sense.

Except that she had the habit of borrowing stockings and undies and things like that from me without so much as a by your leave. And in lots of ways stepmother was such a child, about things like that. It was as if she didn't have any responsibility or understanding of how to get spanking -with people. I've spanking a little concerned about her-of course she's a good girl, we both know that.

But she's inclined to be selfish and very opinionated, maybe even a little too shallow stepmother her own good. It's really a lucky stroke for me that I met you, Rose.

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You've just given me an idea — I'm not ready to discuss it just yet, but you'll hear of it from me very soon, I'll tell you that. Now then, I've already had my garage go out and tow in your car, and I'll make a call now and see when it'll be ready. Might not be until tomorrow, stepmother it's the transmission, as I suspect. I'll just go into my office for an hour or so, so if you could do some shopping to kill time, I'd be very happy to drive you back.

I've a small apartment on the far North Side - my father's in the hospital right now, quite ill, but I generally stay there when I'm in Chicago. I don't have a class today, as it turns out. So I can take a cab back home. Why don't you let me run you over there when I finish at the office? I'm sure an attractive young woman like you has some shopping to do. Maybe for a spanking new dress or something like that. I'd like to make you a present of it.

You've been much too kind already. I mean that, very sincerely. Give me your phone number both stepmother the college and at your apartment. Maybe you can have dinner with me Saturday evening? She shook her lovely head. It was so wonderful of you to do all of this for spanking and thank you so much for a lovely lunch. I'll be running along now. And-I'll stepmother waiting to hear from you, Frank. I'll confirm our dinner date for Saturday, Rose.

The way her hips undulated when she walked, the proud poise of her, that lovely head. All of a sudden, his eyes widened as he reflected to himself that a simply incredible idea had leaped into his mind. A stepmother only about two years older than his own daughter. It would certainly take some of the wind out of Marilyn's sails. But Frank Foster appealed to her because of his suaveness, his undeniable manliness and his considerate treatment of her on their dates.

Fier father, during this same week, had a relapse, and was not expected to live. Fie'd come back from Paris, quite ill. Up to now also, Frank Stepmother had told his daughter Marilyn nothing of his having met her former college roommate, because he was relishing the cream of the joke. Only the night before, the second date, Marilyn had been extremely impertinent to the housekeeper, and she hadn't liked the meal that had been prepared — 40 — for her.

Even he had a few mild words of rebuke for his blond daughter, and when she had flounced off to her room in a huff, he met Mrs. I've been thinking about it, and maybe I'll have something worked out very shortly. Marilyn, however, seemed to be quite infatuated with him, and there was no doubt that the fellow was handsome in a kind of an animal way. Two weeks from the exact date on which he had met Rose Trenton when her car had broken down, Frank Foster took her spanking the 95th Floor of the John Hancock building for a gourmet dinner and the incredible view from this the tallest building in all Chicago.

Extra small teen gifs the end of the dinner, he lit her cigarette and then leaned back spanking studied her carefully. She had stepmother her auburn hair into a piled upsweep which left her dainty ears bare, - 41 - and she had put on a pair of clip-on amethyst earrings, her birthstone.

There was Flossie standing by the cupboard eating a pizza. Wendy pushed the door open. Flossie went past Wendy who gave her another spanking and followed her giving her more smacks which encouraged Flossie to run up the stairs. Until the stepmother each day was spent in virtual silence between the two.

Flossie reluctantly rolled out of bed and Wendy went downstairs. Sometime later Flossie appeared. Flossie picked up the list, looked at it and japanese young junior girl porn it in the pocket of her skin-tight trousers. Somehow she managed to finish by lunchtime. After lunch Wendy gave Flossie an order. Flossie got up, put spanking her coat and went out. She returned twenty minutes later with a long thin brown paper parcel and handed it sullenly to Wendy.

She watched as Wendy took off the paper to reveal a cardboard packet. Flossie gulped. This is it, go into the lounge.

Heartless Stepmother – Over The Desk Spanking Stories

Flossie hesitated, looking at the canes, and then went, head bowed, into the lounge. Wendy took the other cane from the box and swished it. I dont' think she ever enjoyed spanking stepmother, but rather, she was embarrassed when, as she said, "I forced her to put me over her spanking for spanking bottom-smacking".

As I said, in the conservative area where I grew up, it was something like a mother's duty to, if she had a daughter, especially a teenager, keep her tight rein and most of the girls I knew feared getting a hard spanking by their mothers if they were out too late in the evening. Teenage girls in the United States stepmother probably a bit more childish than Swedish and during this time it wasn't uncommon to be 17 years old and hot lap dance porn being put down over your mother's knee with your the bottom bare, although it may sound very strange to Swedes.

The first years my stepmother didn't actually spank very hard at all. Sometimes she spanked on my bare bottom, but mostly on the panties. It was not until I was eight or nine she started to bare my butt for all spankings. Perhaps she thought a panty-spanking didn't hurt enough. When I reached my teens, all girl friends of the same age who told me about their spankings, mostly talked about the hairbrush. This tool was as widely used to fix your hair as it was used on the butts of teenage girls.

My stepmother usually just smacked me with the palm of her hand, which I experienced as extra childish and spanking, thinking of that all other girls I knew mostly got smacked with the hairbrush and never ever with the hand. The hand-spankings could also be experienced as extra intimate- skin to skin - her palm against my bare buttocks.

Stepmother in a while during my teens I spanking spanked over my panties or, beautiful sexy ass porn I wore pants which however was unusual I could even keep these up. But this was only for really minor offences. As I told you before, I experienced my stepmother as both beautiful feminine and sensual and when came into my mid-teens it was a very double feeling stepmother forced to bend over her soft lap, she wearing long dresses and always smelling good.

But, although she looked soft, she did smack me quite hard, and even if she mostly just used the palm of her hand my butt usually stung quite a lot afterwards. I just remember three times my stepmother used something else than the palm of her hand to spank me.